10 marks you need for a new bra!

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If you love most women, you're scared when you have to go to the bra. Women have their mental list of the reasons why they do not buy the bra: they are expensive, they do not like to buy and they have no time or patience to try any bra in the store or simply find the right fit! Frustrating? You can not avoid it – sometimes you have to buy a new bra – and that does not mean that the pipes pierce the fabric. Knowing when to get a new bra, it is essential to help the bras to be comfortable and molded. Here are some reasons why you might need a new bra.

first If last summer was the last time you bought a bra. Bra shopping can be expensive. It's easy to spend $ 50, $ 75, or even $ 100 on a bra, but lots of bra underneath it's under $ 30! Think about it, if you can spend money on a hands-pied or a couple of movie tickets, definitely fill up a bra!

2nd Special occasion. Do you have a wedding? The formal & # 39; maybe dancing? In some cases, you may need a Strapless or "Convertible" bra-essence for any woman's wardrobe!

3rd Good news! You're pregnant! You do not necessarily need a maternity bra, but you have to wait to grow in some sizes during pregnancy. Even women with small breasts will always need the bra bra bras during pregnancy. By nursing your breasts during pregnancy and lactation, with a good bra, you can minimize your baby's progress. Look at brands such as Bali, Playtex and Calvin Klein for a comfortable pregnancy / nursing bra.

4th The bra is not right. If the bra stretches, the back strap pulls up, sets it up or is embarrassed wearing a tight shirt – you need another bra. Be honest with yourself for the first time – Would you like a C-Cup, but is it really a B-cup? Or what if a DD is too small for you? The bra needs to support and shape itself without restricting it. The bra should not loose any way to stand up straight. You should not be accused of controlling the whole fight or the extra size bra for the right fight. If you wear T-shirts often, a good seamless bra is essential. Do not strain your size again! Get a bra that will be comfortable.

5th The best friend of the bra is the washing machine. Remember, this bra can be washed by hand. Most do not have time, but in this case you will get a lingerie bag for your fetus and bra. Carpets for machine washing / drying should be replaced much more frequently than those that are hand-picked beautifully.

6th It's twisting on your skin. The bra in the bra should fall below the skin below the skin. If you feel that the substrate pierces the material, you need a new bra. Find out how to restore the bottom line throughout the day. It's time for a new bra.

7th The holes in the bra. If the bra is broken in any way, this is a signal that needs to be replaced. Think of it so, a hole in a bra can break completely. What are you going to do?

8th The bra is not of the same shape and not the same support as the new bra size of the same size. This is especially true of athletic bras. If you put your existing bra size on the same size and not the same, you've used it! Champion or Adidas is a good brand of sports coats.

ninth You have acquired or lost weight. The breasts usually consist of fat tissues, so when you lose a profit or weight you can cause significant changes in size – ensuring the new bra. Each time you win or lose 10 pounds, a bra needs to be mounted to suit your body size.

10th Are you ready for a new look? You do not have to wait until your old bra is torn and torn apart to get new ones! Have fun! If you are wearing sweatshirts, try print, sexy, lace-skins for a quick pick-up. You can find a brand new bra for yourself!

Buying a bra can not be annoying. If you find a bra that suits you "like a gloves", you might want to have a few if you quit! Have fun buying a bra, but do not forget that a good bra should be comfortable and support yourself – it can not be uncomfortable. Happy shopping!

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