10 Super Sales Tips to Break Your Records

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Sales methods and techniques are designed to give boost to sales figures. Here are the top 10 sales tips for better sales. I tried to explain all these most common techniques in a very clear and practical way.

Sales Tips for Success: Why Need It?

Selling methods and techniques are designed to bring about genuine sales quality. In addition, sales methods and techniques help to identify loopholes and improve sales data. But you can find some sales tips (secret weapons) that do not work as efficiently as they used to be.

Therefore, you need to replace your old-fashioned sales method and try new sales techniques to confuse your sales records.

Top 10 Sales Methods and Techniques

  1. Helping People Make Decisions
  2. Offer a Cup of Coffee
  3. Sell in a Stack
  4. Speak Your Speech
  5. Repackage Your Product
  6. Pre-Booking Approach
  7. Enter Debit and Credit Cards
  8. professional
  9. Long experience in business
  10. Do not compare leading brands

1. Help People Make Decisions: You may be surprised, but it is a fact that most people make difficult choices. It is more clear that everyone is not so clever. People in your ads, slogans, etc. He says, "This healthy drink is good for your baby's health – better immunity, strengthens bones, sharpens the mind of blah blah blah …". A popular brand like Horlicks does the same for the buyers.

You're not lying, but playing psychological tricks. Your products will certainly not have these supernatural properties and your customers will not test your products in the lab. But the agent's tips work. You help them make the decision or persuade them not to take the wrong decision when they buy the product. Surprisingly, this is one of the most commonly used methods.

2. Suggest a cup of coffee: Believe it or not, it's an effective selling tip for success. A lot of coffee can do a lot of business. On a beautiful winter evening she entered a dress showroom to find the chosen jacket. And they welcome a cup of coffee (a sign of genuine sales). I am glad. Coffee and the vendor enjoy the best collections.

Now in such a situation, it would be difficult to ignore such hospitality and only a hustler could get out of the place without buying the coat. These small gifts or small sample packs of our products help us to be nice to customers and encourage them to buy. Sell ​​in a bundle: There are a variety of shops – some good, some mediocre and some bad. These products have not been rated for quality, but for customers' popularity. Good elements are smaller than bad ones. Now what are you doing to prove the sale? Give up the bad things? This is not a very good idea at all.

So, pack it. Make offers or combinations of packages and schemes to sell both good and bad things. These marketing methods and techniques are often followed in restaurants, fast food joints such as Dominos, Pizza-Hut, shopping malls and so on.

4. Speak your words: Do not lie, do not cheat (oppose deception), but say words in such a way that life is fantastic. Using tricky words is part of sales methods and techniques. – A cup of coffee can be enriched – what? You will wonder and your curiosity will read. People are like quick methods to gain profits and succeed.

This is where sales tips work. To convince people to establish a relationship between their lives and the product they offer. The use of carefully selected words of fun with their products helps customers find out how to use them in life and how they live.

5. Repacking Product: Enter these sales tips if it's difficult to find the product's flop performance on the market, even though you know how good it is. Remember, you need a new transformation. An easy-to-change tag can not do, cancel or modify the name, compare the competitors, show the benefits of the product, and change its lifestyle.

If the product is cheap, it may increase the price. You will admire to learn that people are faithfully selling the products with obscene price tags as the less. The "New", "Special" and so on. Adding words to the name adds the value of the product and, of course, similar clients. Many big brands rely on these sales methods and techniques that increase their sales data.

6. Consider the pre-booking approach So you can create some really crazy mobs, crazy to buy your products. It displays a product that describes its features and everything but does not offer for sale. It's a tricky sale. In fact, I'm making a hype about a product that asks your potential customers – look at such a great product and happily own it when booking. It creates an environment that is the first to hold or wait until the next item arrives.

Some companies that have already created popular brands often go for this type of marketing, such as Apple Inc.. So you make a large amount of money before you release the product and of course it is better for you because the customer has no chance of canceling the deal if you hear the product is not that good.

the relationship between the product and paid money has long disappeared. Even if your product is not great, they will not feel like they are free to get it. The longer the time between pre-ordering and the release, the better.

7. Fee and Credit Cards Accepting : Believe me, this is one of the effective selling methods and techniques. In fact, business companies accepting credit / debit cards are doing more business than their counterparts, they only depend on cash transactions. Most people find it difficult to get the hard money. They are seen as an instant loss. In addition, you have a limit on your wallet in your wallet, and the customer can think about buying a product when it's out of the wallet.

But in the case of a credit card, people rarely behave in the same way as savings. In many cases credit card bills are not paid by the user, which spends more on spending. Using cards increases the need for hard cash delivery, which ultimately helps increase sales data.

Credit card companies charge a fee for transactions, so if possible, they can not charge fees from the same customers, which encourages them to use the cards often. Certain discounts may be added for additional addition if the customer buys more than a certain limit. Keep in mind that the more payment methods you accept, the more money you will make.

8. Be a Professional: You run a business and sells it with an old-fashioned tag like sales manager, junior agent etc. Trust me, your customers will not suppress their demos and explanations for a particular product, even if things are explained in the best possible way.

But suppose the customer enters the store on a laptop and the same guy whose name is laptop expert would not have much time to persuade the customer. These sales tips work great. The customer feels confident as the agent is an expert and can not do anything wrong, no matter what rotten knowledge of the product.

9. Long Business Experience: These sales tips have a positive impact when you say you've been working for more than ten years in the business, people are comfortable handling you. Psychological. The customer of course has some confidence in the sale and believes that he knows the advantages and disadvantages of the product being sold. This feeling among customers will surely improve sales numbers beyond expectations.

10. Do not compare with the leading brand names: You may know that your product is better than some leading brands, but do not tell your customers. You may have to pay a toll. By comparing leading brands, it is a feeling among customers who try to twist them.

Customer knows that popular brands are of high quality and are used to it. Now if you tell her that the brand is worse for you, it will violate your ego. This ego will not let you buy the product, no matter how best it is. So the approach must be a bit polite. First try your product and tell her why it is better than its competitors.


These sales methods and techniques have been tested and tested in many cases and the results obtained are very positive. But if you want to see these sales tips for success, practice these tips based on their practicality and not stereotypically, this will guarantee that the seller will not be deprived. Occasionally, there is still a need for unethical sales tricks to bring the competition to survival. Keep in mind that the tip of the ground application vendor applies to you. The better it is to convince, the better it can mediate.

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