10 tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy

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For good pregnancy, we should not only look at physical health. Healthy life is essential at this moment, but is mentally relaxed, prepared and happy. Therefore, give the ten keys to a healthy and happy pregnancy, in which the mind and body harmoniously combine the new member into our lives.

Meal and Drink Healthy During Pregnancy

Diet is varied and balanced. The most important thing is food intake in foods and vitamins, such as folic acid, iron, calcium and iodine, but not in fats. The diet should be changed based on vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy products and legumes, without forgetting the daily dose of meat and fish protein.

Healthy nutrition involves maintaining proper hydration. It's enough to have enough water and milk to give you calcium. Take the liver, better natural and not sugary. Of course, forget about alcoholic drinks and coffee.

Recommended Vitamin Supplements

To supplement a healthy diet, your doctor will recommend some vitamin supplements, which include folic acid, and other vitamins and minerals such as iron, iodine, calcium .. So we help the development of the fetus, avoiding the deficiencies that can cause complications for both the baby and the mother.

Being pregnant with a burden

wealth and the ideal weight gain are essential to the exercise of our physical activity. Whether swimming, yoga, walking, Pilates …

With moderate and constant exercise, we improve our cardiovascular condition and improve body position improvement. This will ensure that pregnant women have a better overall physical condition and allow them to face pregnancy and maternity work with fewer risks.

Visit Medical Visits

Regularly visit a gynecologist to take the proper tests and obtain proper prenatal care. So we keep track of both the baby and our health and have the opportunity to consult with the specialist about all the doubts and fears and our delivery plans. Prenatal tests will give them peace of mind, help us to "get closer to the baby and ultrasound, we will see the first images on the memory

to wear proper clothing

clothing (including shoes) the volume increase. This helps to improve the blood circulation, our movement is right, not constrained, and the skin remains healthy. It's not like dressing it like a potato bag, because luckily she gets pregnant, no longer contradicts fashion, and sells pretty precious clothes in many stores. The corner can wait, but comfortably and beautifully behaves with a nice "wrap" that holds the psychic well-being at this moment important.

Craving in our Heads during Pregnancy

Taking time to care for our body can also save you time for rest and mind care. Not only is the body much more vulnerable during pregnancy. Finding our peace of mind and home-based relaxation exercises will help us feel better. You should not park activities that like movies, reading, country, craft …

Watch out for our skin

During pregnancy, you must use sunscreen creams to prevent skin spots and burns. Hormones cause the skin of a pregnant woman to change, for example hyperpigmentation. In addition, anti-scratch creams are important to prevent these scars from appearing with our skin, paying particular attention to the last few months when the skin is stretched very fast.

Hydrating the whole body for a bath or shower provides a momentary rest. Gentle massage after exercise can help. Of course, external hydration needs to be supplemented by internal hydration and plenty of fluid should be consumed, as mentioned in the nutrition section. Combining everything, we will increase our well-being if you are more cautious and beautiful.

Relaxation During Pregnancy

It is very important for sleep and rest that the body requires from us. Fatigue and sleep are the first symptoms of pregnancy, and hopefully disappear from the first moment. But it is more than likely that we feel very tired and sleepy in the last stage of fatigue. This organization needs and we need to listen to it as much as possible, without forgetting that moderate exercise will relax and sleep better.

Birth Classes

Participation in maternity classes can be very useful for both physical and mental health. The expression of other pregnant women and the sharing of experience suggests that we are not the only ones who have doubts or fears.

They also help us gain knowledge and awareness of changes in our body, know the phases of childbirth, child hygiene, or breastfeeding will help us to better prepare ourselves for change. Knowledge is an important source of self-confidence thanks to the fact that the father is beginning to live.

Communicate with the baby

Talk to the baby, communicate with her, play music, bring us closer to us, prepare us for the moment in which she really reaches their arms. You know how it evolves every month, how it grows in our uterus, write a letter, put a journal of pregnancy, respond to kicks …

All these simple activities reach that life, pregnancy will fill our lives in our uterus. The possible inconveniences of our pregnancy have been forgotten in these moments of communication

Remember that healthy pregnancy requires a happy pregnancy. At a delicate stage in our life, we need to be cared for with the mind and body, emotions and sometimes contradictory feelings. I hope that these tips to achieve a healthy and happy pregnancy will encourage you to be optimistic and full of life at this stage of your life.

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