10 Ways to Make Cool Graphic T-Shirts

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first Confused. Create a graphic T-shirt design that needs people to look again. It's a simple design, but it's too silly to look no further or something so hard to figure out, yet catching people looking at their torso as they talk. Graphic T-shirts that have caught my attention most of those with big letters start reading, but they contain a little bit of a little bit of kick that you have to read close up. Handle graphic t-shirts, for example. Billboards in the subway: if people somehow do not feel confused, they probably will not figure out what the other topics say. Another way to disturb people is to use a graphic design that does not make sense. A t-shirt I saw showed a triangle trying to break through the bars – multicolored bars. It did not make sense, but he was definitely forced to look at me.

2nd FUNKIFY. Make graphic t-shirts with a funk written in their entirety. Not literally. This is now a trend, but an effective way to make embroidered T-shirts. Pick up the cartoon image – tell the astronaut to listen to a boom box – add some colors behind it with a touch of 80 – and you'll do a fantastic graphic t-shirt. Twisting letters, hot colors, and simple designers all give a funky feeling. Design your graphic t-shirt while listening to Maceo Parker, and it can also help.

3rd GO RETRO. Take it back in time with a graphic t-shirt that reminds people of other ages. The 80's are hot now. Until recently, this was the 70's. What does this mean? Excessive use of a wide variety of colors meant a variety of color schemes, with letters, 3-D effects, rock star band t-shirts, and Madonna. American Eagle wears lots of tees under rhetoric through hidden screens to print some of them with their old look. Their design is getting older now that graphic t-shirts are cooler if they look like the 80's.

4th BE IRONIC. Design a t-shirt that's easy enough for people to understand and incompatible with their position. Surrealists were the masters of this. Follow Duchamp's leadership and design a graphic T-shirt that says something that is obviously not real or just meaningless. Retro-irony was funny but less commonly used. Under retro irony, I mean an old advertisement, which has a new meaning today. Some graphic t-shirts still have such designs.

5th BE UNCONVENTIONAL. Take a common graphic t-shirt and let us do something else. Take a plan that people are accredited – say the rainbow – and drip like wet paint. Take unicorns and show them sex. Whatever it is, make sure that creative thoughts come up. Tee has to send a message that does not lose the translation that interrupts the deal.

6th BE SILLY. Design a graphic t-shirt that can smear everyone's face. A handful of fingers is visiting a broken partner with a thumb, a bear looking at a TV in the middle of the woods and saying that stupid raisins are left out of their cookie and two lemons help cut another lemon carved on a stretcher … lemon support). Silly graphic t-shirts get messages simply and efficiently, often without insult, which is of good quality. It's too easy to attack graphic t-shirts.

7th DO NOT COMPLY TOO. The simplicity of a graphic t-shirt is sometimes the most effective tool for transmitting a message – that is, if it exists. Graphic T-shirts can only look cool and do not pass any messages. Around him there is a giant circle with painted paint, or just a common vector image that actually does not say much more than "I like colors". Sometimes they will do one or two words. Insecurity is important in graphic t-shirts that draws interest and simplicity is the most important to be obscure.

8th TALK ABOUT YOURSELF. Graphic T-shirts that make ridiculous the others are easy to design. However, it is more interesting to make us ridicule. I saw some funny versions of the idea. There are many tshirts that make drunk jokes to the wearer. Of course you can always wear a graphic t-shirt that does something about you without doing it directly. If you wear skull t-shirts, it may mean you are a Gothic.

ninth USE 3-D. Three-dimensional graphic T-shirts return to the 50s with a Warhol extra dose. These graphic t-shirts do not work unnecessarily if you wear 3-D glasses, but you must understand them. The most important use of graphic t-shirts is on gangster-type tees that show explicit scenes that are better than 3-D.

10th WARNING. Someone may look at your graphic t-shirt in different ways. Obviously, you can call them out, because it usually means something around you to get in touch with them. You can use "You" with graphic t-shirts. In any case, viewers must be involved in some way.

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