25 signs can be a health freak

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first You start to mix coffee, tea, horlogat, etc. – in a shaker.

2nd You try to shake protein in the cafeteria.

3rd It warms up for 15 minutes before bedtime with your partner.

4th Trying to remove the 6 pound beer in the fridge.

5th Always wear your own low calorie sweetener in your pocket.

6th Traveling to the mall is never complete if you do not visit a sport / GNC exhibition space.

7th He wears his training shoes to the office / work.

8th More than half of the clothes come from NIKE / ADIDAS.

ninth You remember the names of personal trainers in the gym.

10th Your heart goes into a pharmacy every time.

eleventh Your lunch has a strange resemblance to rabbit food.

12th He watched the series of Rocky movies again and again.

13th You know the gym phone number.

14th Your grocery store is more often than your partner. And she is the woman.

15th In McDonalds, he removes the meat, puts some oil on some napkins, puts the meat back into the burger and eat it.

16th He knows more about vitamins than the pharmacy staff.

17th A part of your home is like a pharmacy.

18th You forgot how white bread was.

19th You have subscribed to at least one health related mailing list on the Internet.

20th You are reading this now. : P

21. I look forward to your workout like a night with your friends – a club where there are warm, sweaty women / men (depending on your preference).

22nd Your dog always looks tired, like you, after taking a walk.

23rd You check theyogainstructordiaries.blogspot.com every single day to see if your site was upgraded or not.

24th EGOnutritions visits you every day to see what your offer is, just to find out that they're updating their site every 2 weeks. Sometimes go on!

25th Subscribe to my email update.

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