3 reasons to start running

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There are so many reasons to start running that you can't imagine them, in fact, a philosopher and runner named George Sheehan said, "There are so many reasons to run like the days of the year." If you're still wondering if you're running, check out these reasons why you need it and buy the first real running shoes at the end of the list.

Health and Weight Loss

Okay, so that's the only reason to get started, which can be very obvious, but still great. Running may be difficult, but when you start seeing results in your body and in numbers, you want it to start sooner. If this is the motivation to get started, you can also use it as a motivation to continue taking pictures on the fridge. There you will see every day to remind you to run, and when you want the food to remind you not to throw anything away!

Stress Reduction

Let's face it, you probably face a lot of stress in your life, whether it comes from your work, your family, or anything else, but if you start running, you can actually find yourself feeling better. Studies have shown again and again that when you practice, you can actually reduce the stress we have experienced. Reducing stress can lead to greater efficiency in the workplace and to make your home better, running can really help you more efficient.

Meet People

Although you may not start and find a running group as soon as you start running, in a short time you will find that you want to run people. A running group will allow you to meet new people, some people will meet future spouses, just by getting free and running, even if it's not for you to run, you can still make new lifelong friends while healthy and healthy you feel even better.

Running is one of the easiest things you can do, all you need to get started, is a good running plan or running driver and a nice shoe, and maybe living on the door and living better today .

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