4 Popular types of clothing

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Modern clothing fabrics and textures are wide and vary in their tactile visual properties. The type of fabric can affect the overall appearance and help create the preferred look. Here are some of the most popular items of clothing:


Cotton is one of the most comfortable and widespread garments. The actual material is strong, flexible and soft, which is an attractive choice for relaxed and casual clothes such as lingerie, pajamas and t-shirts. A great way to create the most interesting clothes is to combine some different textures. For example, for a stylish, casual and cool look, we can combine massive and coarse jeans with jeans like cotton.


Wool is a material that is quite uncomfortable and itchy against bare skin. But the thickness of the wool is a great choice for those looking for clothing that provides great warmth. Typical pieces of wool outerwear include a thick coating and a hat. This thick and insulating material has a structure that is perfectly suited for making socks and blankets.


Silk is the finest and most excellent choice for today's high quality garments. It is a material that is not only cool but also a very strong and favorable choice in the fashion model market.


A garment with unique prints, textures or bold colors can be easily stated. The stylish, sophisticated and elegant symbols are created by one of the types of fabrics that have lacy dresses. Tweed relies on different threads to create clothes that are immediately recognizable by sight and touch. This is a classic clothing option that has set the test of time and has been a popular choice for decades.

Use a texture to create an illusion

The particular texture type can affect the way clothing and look wearing clothes. Different types of textures have absorbing, reflective, bulk, size and weight properties. For a slim appearance, it is advantageous if one of the fabrics is light or medium weight and sharp but not too rigid. The rather rigid fabrics give the body more weight. This may include double knitting, cloak and fodrost. Matte or blunt textures such as raw silk, wool and jeans are useful to make a shape smaller.

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