5 Ways to wear a Polo Shirt

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When the temperature rises, men have fewer opportunities to be elegant. Most men eventually choose the polo shirt. The T-shirt is a knit garment in every man's closet. This is an extremely versatile piece that is both intelligent and casual.

Before we do some less polo shirt styling solutions, there are few guidelines on how to fit a shirt


• Fingers should end in the middle of the biceps.

• The tip of your shirt should not fall beyond half its pants.

• Check the Neckline

We now learn five ways in which every person can wear a T-shirt. All-white: Whether you want to play a game or just look smart, you can always wonder at the whole white dress. Start with the classic white pique polo. Make sure the slit is thin to cut the body. Then tap the white chinos shirt that is narrow to the leg and tapered to the bottom. Complete the look with brown rice. If white does not work on your skin, enter any other pastel color

. Sport luxe: Since the T-shirt comes from a sport, you can add even more sporty look when you pair a pair of jogging or athleisure. You can even pair with black knit pants. White leather shoes or canvas makers fulfill their appearance.

3rd T-Shirt Replacement: An easy way to look sharp while looking cool when replacing a full-sleeve white shirt in the T-shirt shirt or blazer. Dark tones can be very formal when paired with the right jacket or blaze. You can add a bit of sophistication to your appearance by wearing minimal trainers or pants.

4th Dress up: if the polo shirts are too good for you, you can use the top layer of formal events. A plain polo is good here. You can combine the official event with delicious and beautiful leather straps. Finish with leather shoe or mocal

5. High Summer: In the summer months, when the temperature rises, the tees are the best in shorts. The trick is a well-tailored shorts. You can choose from woolen trousers, jeans trousers or chino shorts

Final judgment: Whether you are dressed for formal occasions or just playing games, be sure to wear your style!

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