Adidas Ethos: Sports and Fashion

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Adidas is one of the most respected brands in the world. Indeed, they enjoy global fame and get everything from the corners of the globe. Their popularity for the brand is not surprising, they have the unique ability to create a sportswear that is comfortable, improves performance, protects athletes from over-training, but with the bonus that their clothing is fashionable. This is much wider than the sports community, and its popularity involves a much wider audience.

Many sports personalities like the Adidas brand; you just have to look at your ad projects so that the highest caliber athletes will support the Adidas brand. This is partly because Adidas celebrates sport, and sports clubs, for example, pay tribute to the development of favorite athletes by the name of one of the world's greatest athletes. For example, the top of the Adidas Beckenbauer track is the incredible German footballer Franz Beckenbauer, who played in three world cups in 1966, 1970 and 1974.

These personalities do not support these products if they do not meet the highest specifications that the Adidas brand is sure to do. Adi Dassler created the Adidas brand in the 1920s (though he only chose Adidas as a company until 1948). His vision was to produce sports shoes that would protect players from injuries and strokes from professional sports, which meant that they created shoes that protected the ankles, suspend, and strong outer shells, and yet formatted. free movement. His vision is still the ethics of the Adidas brand, and this is the result of all the products manufactured by the company. Over the last two decades, Adidas has expanded their vision; she wanted to create fashionable sportswear that called for a much wider audience. From this expansion, the Adidas Originals were born. To preserve the popularity of retro fashion, Adidas redesigned the lines that have long been stalled. The top of Adidas Beckenbauer is the perfect example; His first release in 1982, and nowadays he is a fan of fashion.

Urban fashion fans love the fashion of Adidas Originals, which is particularly appealing to hip-hop and Britpop communities. Many of the Adidas fashion ranges are fashion tastes and not sporting needs: retro shoulder bags, digital watches, socks, bags; all available from the Adidas Originals range.

Adidas has expanded its athletic appeal to fashion and also now extends to a much wider range of athletes. Roller skates, roller skaters, ice skaters, bowlers and jockeys, all of them will find the Adidas brand sports equipment.

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