Airbrush T-Shirts – learn the secret to creating a killer airbrush t-shirt

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first Use the Right Airbrush – This is easy. If you really think you want to use sweaters, you will need an IWATA Eclipse HP-BCS Airbrush. This is a Lower Feed Airbrush, which means that the Airbrush Paint Bottle is connected directly to the bottom of the Airbrush and is absorbed and drains the spray nozzle with the air-generated siphon. Start this Airbrush first and save many headaches

. Use the appropriate Airbrush Paint – The 2 great player Airbrush T-shirt dyes CREATEX and AQUAFLOW. In my experience, AQUAFLOW is more "flowing" but hardly noticeable. You can not go wrong with the two supreme brands.

3. Use the right tee – 100% cotton or 50/50 blend. (50% cotton 50% polyester) I got the best results if I washed a new T-shirt at least once before I did Airbrush. This will get rid of most loose threads and make sure that some of the original color fade may occur.

4. Use a good design – Take your time here. The awesome Airbrush T-shirts do not just happen. First, come on paper. So you can clear and make corrections before putting the paint on a t-shirt. It requires some discipline for the first and Airbrush second, but trust me so you will pass much less and you will find a better finished product each time. Convenient – Keep the work area clean and work at a comfortable height. I prefer to airbrush t-shirts. I use a large saw blade, hanging on my shelf on a shelf. This makes it easy to adjust the height of the T-shirt plate, so I'm always in a comfortable position for Airbrush without kneeling or pushing the push.

6. Prepare the shirt – Once washed once, be sure to select the wrinkles. The wrinkles work like magnets over aerodynamic paint. Use clamps or garments to fasten the shirt on the T-shirt deck to work on a nice, flat surface. For maximum color stability, spray a layer of Frog Juice or CREATEX with a clean extender on the surface to be painted, then heat and paint

7. Take Your Time – No rush yet. Until you take the show on the road and start a shopping center or meet the swap, take the time to learn. Speed ​​is important, and time is coming, but now it is focused on every stroke. Fewer more. Try to fade perfectly in step 1 rather than 2 instead. The less the t-shirt is, the better.

8. Play For Your Strengths – It's good to be versatile, but if there's a certain area of ​​the Airbrush T-shirts where it really looks, go for it! Find out what's best and what you like best to paint and then discover the area. It is easier to build the reputation of being the absolute best of the 1 thing than having to make a good reputation that good stuff is good in many things.

9. Heat Press – Spray the finished balloons with another CREATEX CREATEX dampener, use heat pressure to warm up at 400 degrees for 20 seconds.

10. Rinse and repeat – If you just followed the first 9 steps, you probably fit an Airbrush T-shirt, but who wants it? We want to be the best Airbrush artist in history. Like a great man, he once said, "Perseverance and determination alone are enormous." If you made a drawing that I bought in the first class and kept with any other average first grader drawing, you could not tell which one. Thirty years later, if you did a drawing that I kept on it, and with any other average 30-year drawing I could accept the difference. Why? Because I practiced more than they did.

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