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It's hard to beat real Italian leather and the Leather Italia range looks fantastic and is soft and warm to fit. We are currently reviewing the series of Dupin Pecan, Yuma and Dalton leather furniture.

Leather Italia Duplin Pecan Collection

The Duplin Pecan range is made of beautiful, soft, pecan brown leather in a traditional style with hand-made dome head nails. The plush backrests are hand-snapped, and the full appearance of each piece is one of the most elegant but exquisite comforts.

However, one thing may seem comfortable, but how does it really feel? Indeed, the chair, the three-seater sofa and lounger are exceptionally comfortable, thanks largely to soft, genuine leather, pillows and memory foams covering the whole piece. Many leather chairs feel cold and lightly stiff thanks to the internal stiffness of the used leather, but not from the Leather Italia Duplin Pecan collection.

Double pillow seats are very comfortable and are only at the right angle for maximum comfort. With some of the couches you feel like lying too comfortable, but they're just right. In fact, it does not push too many pillows – either on the seat or on the back. It is easy to stand out of the Pecan collection without having to pull out of the arms

The armchair is 46 "tall, 39" tall and 41.5 "deep, the rider wings are 68" wide, 39 "tall and 42" deep, the sofa is the same size as the litter, but 90 "wide, each with its solid wood legs, and the collection also features a comfortable backrest with a very lightweight action that is 40 cm wide, 42 high and 41 deep, and with the ottoman the deepest

The Yuma Collection

The Leather Italia Yuma collection is dark brown, high quality Italian leather, again in traditional style, each piece is 37 "tall and 39" deep, chair and sofa 47 "and 86" wide, and the skin is dark, and perhaps not so fit in the modern, brilliantly decorated room, although there seems to be no problem with quality.

Construction is solid, though obviously it does not turn out comes in under the upholstery.The seat and back of each piece are made of high density foam and covered with soft leather. There seems to be no difference between comfort between Yuma and Pecan collections. This collection is also equipped with a lover and an ottoman

The Leather Italia Dalton Collection

The Dalton collection is available in a tobacco-painted genuine leather case that is said to refer to a frame that exceeds industry standards – but this can not be justified simply the external test. You certainly feel strong enough and there is no evidence that you can contradict these claims. The backs and seat cushions are cushioned and contain a layer of memory foam to increase the comfort level.

The seat and backrest consist of fixed cushions with contrasting seams and arms in the form of padded pillows. Modern furniture is suitable for any modern home use. It certainly looks amazing and perhaps the three of the best ones have reviewed it here.

In addition to the chair and sofa, the leather Italy Dalton collection also features a lover, a knot and an Ottoman to rest your leg after a hard day. In addition to the Ottomans, each one is 38 "high and the same deep, the wingside is 67" and the sofa 90 ", the chair and backrest 44" wide, the latter 39 "tall and deep.

These three Leather Italia furniture is firmly constructed and covered with a brilliant Italian soft leather and is hardly heavy and the furniture is a sign of the construction of hardwood and the leather is of high quality and evenly colored

The backs and seat cushions were very comfortable, which probably reflects the high density foam core, the padding and the memory foam quality For many people, the pillows make the couch and do not punish Leather Italia furniture in this regard, all in all, at a great price.

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