Auto Repair: Need to know when to repair the windscreen

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Thinking about different things that are safe under a drive, we rarely think about windshields. But the truth is, the windscreen of the vehicle is more important than you think. Anyone who has been driving for a long time would have encountered this situation: a deferred or cracked windshield. Early drivers tend to ignore this because it seems to be something that can cause greater damage to the vehicle or driver. And postpone the repair as long as there is no time and money for that. But this time will never come. Installing a fixed windshield is a simple part of the auto repair. It is important and can be done from home.

Shattered Windshield

Windshield is a two layer laminate glass. This laminate is made of vinyl plastic that is very strong. The windshield is almost 20% of the power of the car. It plays an important role in keeping you safe. With technology advancing, the process of windshield placement has become a computer-controlled process. Designed to work with other safety devices in the car. For example, airbags need a solid fixed windscreen to work properly. That is why it is important that even a tiny cracking should be made to improve the windscreen. Ignoring the leader's life may jeopardize.


The cost of replacing the entire windshield is $ 300, and repair of the cracks or chips on the windscreen is approx. Would cost $ 100. There are also a number of kits available for you to repair your windshield. These stocks can be purchased in Amazon and in large stores that sell car parts such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Sears and AutoZone. The kit is made of glue sealing, windscreen repair resin, heat treatment film, pedestal and safety razor. After receiving the kit, park your car in your garage or somewhere in the house. Using a pain, wipe the broken glass from the windscreen and let it dry. Instructions for using the kit are available with the package. If the instructions are not clear, the best option is to take the car to a car repair shop.

Another aspect is car insurance. If you have full coverage, you can cover the repair of the windscreen. Make sure you check the deductible amounts because you have to pay for it first. In some states, damage to the windscreen has no deductible part because it is a safety related repair.

The most important thing at the end of the day is that all windscreen repairs are immediately recorded and you will no longer be injured for any potential accident.

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