Best running shoes for flat feet

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* Foot: What Is This

The leg is formed by tarsal and metatarsal bones and reinforced with ribbons and ankles. Allows the foot to support the weight of the body in the lowest weight, rigid posture.

The height of the bow determines the type of structure and the leg. The arched height of the foot is easy to check with the wet sole test.

People with low limbs do not have a distinct curve inside the foot. The imprint recorded in the wet test can show almost the entire leg. Low-profile people are more likely to be overwhelmed, causing injuries. Less pronounced arcs are called low or fallen arcs. Applying flat feet to the arch, which is completely sitting on the floor.

* Flat feet should be especially careful when choosing the best running shoes

The foot is a natural shock absorber system. Nature has designed that when you put your weight on your feet, the mechanism is absorbed by the shock to alleviate the collision (and consequently injuries) that otherwise affect your legs, ankles, knees and hip. The flat leg is the most striking sign of overpronation, which means that the arc crashes during the collision. As a result, his ankle is turned inward and the knee overcompensates.

Flat feet are a major concern for runners, as the curve is likely to support an average of three times more body mass during running walking.

[19595002] * The Shoe Technologies are designed for flat leg runners

For the past twenty years, all major running shoe manufacturers have developed technologies that help planar runners operate comfortably and safely. The most important words to remember are: stability and motion control .
– Support for a flat foot runner. If we look at shoe worries or technical specifications, the "added support" sign means that it is in the right direction.
– Stability is an industry standard that categorizes oversized running shoes: every brand has its own stability running shoes.
– Motion Control for Stability Shoes for a wide variety of overpronators: these include stability shoes and enhancements.

The most important technology found in Stability shoes is the mortar of double-density foam. Footwear manufacturers produce a harder foam material directly in the center of the arc and sometimes extend to the corner. This is easily recognizable as a darker (almost always gray) foam in the center of the sole.

Read our recommendations on best running shoes on flat feet in the summer of 2009 and all other running shoes.

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