Best shopping spots in Mumbai

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Mumbai is just a jump, jump and jump destination for many tourists. However, Mumbai has its own unique side to buy anything home-based needs for high-end antiques that can help improve the décor's age. However, you should read the best places where you can get the things you want and get the best deals on the market.

Shopping in Mumbai consists of two primary sources; one of the specialized markets, the other is the county shops or stores. If you're looking for something special or specialized and looking for good deals, check out the different markets.

is called India's Goldmine and there is no other gold than the Zaveri Bazaar. This narrow band consists of about 50 shops on both sides. Here are all kinds of gold ornaments on the planet. Less ahead on the same route is the Kalbadevi silver market. Get good deals on silver items. But if you are looking for hot and popular diamonds then go to the Opera House. The 10 adjacent stores are the best diamond jewelery in the city.

In case you need fashionable clothes, fashion street is the best choice in Fashion Street. This is a great place to buy the latest T-shirts, pants, trousers and shirts. If you want a gift to someone, then this is the best place. Colaba's busy street is visited by locals and aliens for a variety of commodities offered by shops, from shoes to jewelery to bridal gowns.

The best place to buy shoes in Colaba, the Metro shoe. This humongous shop has office shoes seen by ladies wearing shoes. There is also a possibility to go to Kemps Corner, where the footwear stores are located. The dresses include brands such as Nike, Reebok and Adidas. You can try the Titan Store for lessons and buy Antiques and Garments from Cottage Industries Emporium. In this 2 km stretch, half of the stuff can be bought in the world. For ladies who have a lot of jewelry stores, such as Popley and Sons.

If you want to buy spices, meats, fruits and vegetables, go to Crawford Market, about 10 minutes from India Gateway. Here you can get good deals on leather bags. The Musafir Khana and Manish Market are good for the Chinese to produce goods and cutlery. The Crawford market offers excellent shops for the purchase of wedding dresses, such as Roopam. However, most household items are also found in Crawford Market.

The CP Tank spice market is worth a look. Here you will find all kinds of herbs that you can add extra strains to your meals. And if you are looking for mega stores to buy and eat then head to Phoenix Mills at Parel. Here you will find everything under the sun, right from the branded shops to the best restaurants in the city. Other places worth mentioning are Atria in Worli and Connection in Haji Aliban.

Last but not least, is known as Chor Bazaar Thieves Market. This narrow band offers stores selling antiques such as silver door handles and creative pots. However, you have to be absolutely impressed with the details and have a good deal of business. It is best to visit this market locally.

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