Branding Power in Sports

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Sports from all over the world is one of the most popular industries. Fans of different sports form a romantic bond with their favorite teams. Fans spend a lot of work on their work, are making huge sacrifices to use the same shirt as their favorite athlete / team and pay their monthly salary to see them. The sports are almost euphoric for their fans, and when their team / player is successful, they get up high, which is almost nothing to do with the exception of the child's birth and marriage. Millions of dollars get into stores to buy souvenirs that only give their logo or player name. The only thing for them is their team. A fan was sitting at dinner with another major and favorite team / athlete on TV and everything stopped and focused on the player. In our lives, they become enthusiastic, and our dogs are called by the player or the team and are all around the events of the organization. In a time when all of us can not be successful and the world of the world around us, we insist on the only thing we know that it will never leave us – our sports team / athlete.

But what sports fans do not realize is the sport business. There is no difference between the best companies in the world (ie Wal Mart, Target, ExxonMobil, etc.). The goal is to make profits and to maximize profits as much as possible. Athletes create obscene sums of money, the city's financial future is based on an athlete's decision and organizations have the option of throwing tens of millions of dollars into an athlete just to place their name on their product. One of the world's largest companies are in practice achieving their current success. Nike is nothing more than a niche basketball apparel, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Adidas will help a niche soccer clothing company with countless European football clubs. So the stake is huge. Athletes can create a brand that revolutionises our lives. But with the huge clammer created by the creation of a global brand, the aforementioned brand's fragility exceeds its predetermined value. Just a decision, a random event, an unsuccessful heroic attempt, and the brand crumble faster in the stock market in 1929. Branding is the ultimate risk / reward. This risk / reward is more than just athlete. Under the notorious Tiger Woods scandal, advertisers left the fly and realized that anyone who was related to his name was in a negative sense … This is a sign of the LeBron James debacle a few days ago. Branding in athletes is the ultimate play of surfing in the waters of the shark. While the wave is falling on board and take advantage of the untarnished image. But when they start falling off the board, the picture and the brand suffers. The only way to get out of the water. Wash your hand from all the associations for the athlete / brand and find yourself the next "IT" star.

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