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Sydney City in Australia offers a shopping experience that is reliably glamorous. The huge supermarkets and shopping malls in Sydney are just a few blocks away. Sydney shopping malls are roughly open at 9 o'clock in the morning until 5 pm in the afternoon on weekdays. One of the most famous shopping malls in Sydney CBD:

The Queen Victoria Building shopping mall opened in 1898 as the Victoria Queen celebrated the Arany Jubileum as a shopping mall. It was a couple of years ago that this building was neglected and ignored, and they were once worn out. But in the 1980s, this old building was restored to a great extent, restoring its wonder. QVB is a striking illustration of urban Victorian architecture in these days. There are 190 brand labels, specialties and restaurants inside the building. This huge shopping mall is located along George Street just between Town Hall and Market Street.

Strand Arcade is a more trendy and modern version of Queen Victoria Building. It was opened in 1892, but it was nearly dropped by a 1976 fire. Businesspeople in the mall have disowned the restoration and are now a perfect shopping mall to find the best designer labels in Australia with some jewelery, boutiques and beauty salons. The Beach is located in the heart of Pitt Street.

Skygarden is a shopping mall that offers a stunning and elegant atmosphere that opens every day of the week. The shopping mall has an excellent collection of international and Australian fashion labels. This shopping mall is located between Pitt Street Mall and Castlereagh Street in the heart of Sydney's central business district.
Piccadilly is a shopping mall where one of Sydney's most popular fashion traders can be found. Over 40 retail shops and boutiques selling various items from footwear to household items are located in the mall so it is an ideal shopping venue to find the best gift for every occasion. This shopping mall is located in Pitt Street, opposite the Hilton.

The Grace Brothers store consists of seven levels or floors. The mezzanine floor looks like an exhibition area instead of a mall. This shopping center is the largest cosmetic product line in Australia, and introduces state-of-the-art equipment and computer equipment. This shopping mall, which is a milestone in itself, is located at the corner of Market and George Street.

David Jones is the title of Sydney's oldest store. It is also one of the world's stores that still use its original name. This shopping center is the first shopping mall in town in Sydney to have a hydraulic elevator and previously sells furniture and furniture. Since it still works on its original trading name, it works with a prime motto or commitment that entitles the best and most honest merchandise. This shopping mall is located on Market Street and Castlereagh Street.

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