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Golf Shoes is a very important part of the success as a golfer, we all spend hours playing golf clubs and choose Golf Shoes for five minutes.

It's just crazy if you think you're going to play more than 4 miles every time you play, and anything about 3-5 hours on your leg. Like me, you probably did not think about the part that golfers play in reducing disability. Only after I got expert advice and invested money in a pair of Adidas golf shoes my game improved with three or four shots. Random – No, I do not think so.

Below you will find some guidelines for selecting golf shoes

1. Always use the same socks as golf when you try new golf shoes

2. Do not wear socks that are too tight or tedious to burst.

3rd Check the foot of the shoe with one foot. You have to turn your toes around and when you are on your toes, the shoe must bend where your leg bends

. The tension in the center of the shoe should be stricter than in the usual shoes. This is where you most support the club. Do not worry about grip, because all the shoes are slightly stretched out after you have worn a few times.

5th There must be no more than half a inch of space from the big screen to the end of the golf shoes.

6th It is important that the widest part of the shoe and the leg is comfortable, without being too loose. Due to the loose fitting shoe, your feet slip when you swing into the club and lose the stability that is essential to good golf.

7th If the shoe fits in to the above criteria but is a bit loose, use an insole to tighten the body slightly.

It's not a bad thing to measure your legs professionally by the width and the length, once a year. This should be done at the end of the day because your feet are slightly swollen. Remember that each one has one leg larger than the other, so we have to choose the shoe size of the larger shoe when we try out golf shoes. Do not forget that you can always use an insole to balance your lower leg.

You might consider one or two more thoughts about buying new golf shoes.

· Waterproof shoes are more expensive but essential when playing in wet and muddy conditions

· The upper part of the skin is ideal for moisture retention and provides the best material.

· Synthetic leather golf shoes should be avoided if possible because they are not waterproof and because they do not allow your feet to breathe, they will quickly become smug.

· The leather sole is fitted with more expensive shoes and is much more supportive because the leather is aligned with the shape of your leg.

I can not over-emphasize that we should choose good, probably expensive golf shoes. She will often return.

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