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A few years ago, if you bought a new pair of shoes, you went to a class or shoe store; He looked, tried a few pairs and bought the purchase that day. Nowadays, more and more people decide not to go to town and buy shoes online. Now, I think this is partly because we are dealing more and more, but mostly because we now have access to brands, designers, styles and sizes that are not available in our local shoe stores. If you feel you need a female 14-inch, very narrow (or wide) red pump with a 3-inch high heel, it's likely to be found in one of the online shoe factories.

However, not all online shoe stores are the same. That is why I have put together some advice and the things I can look out for when purchasing shoes online.

1) Postage and Packaging Fees: The added cost when buying shoes online.

Always know what P & P costs are before you spend a lot of time shopping carts or shopping bags. You may think that you are bargaining on all the shoes, but if your P & P cost is too high, you'll pay better than expected. Especially when you are from a different country. Many online shoe stores offer free P & P, which is great! But do some price comparison before buying. Sometimes you can get a better deal at an online shoe store that charges P & P for a reasonable price and can still save the EQF.

2) Returns / exchanges – know the policies in advance.

Another important factor in buying shoes online is to be able to return or replace them if there is something wrong with them, they do not have access to it or just not the way they thought. Most online shoe stores have a return policy, but DO NOT take it self-explanatory. Be sure to return unused shoes for any reason before inserting the card data.

Ok, if you get a chance on a heavily discounted shoe, you can choose to buy without a redemption policy. But you still need to know what your right to sell before buying.

You will also know in advance if you have to pay for postal fees if you decide to return your shoes.

3) Do you want your shoes fast? Check delivery times. If you need to have a "xx" date with a pair of shoes, I strongly advise you to buy them personally at an actual shoe store. Or order them in advance and other options are available if your shoes do not arrive in time.

I do not say that online shoes will not be published on time! In fact, I bought a lot of shoes online and they all came to record time, but why would they risk the odds?

You'll find again the shipping policy of the online shoe that you buy and make sure the shoes are actually in stock! If they save you, it may take weeks for them to get them.

~ Summery ~ As long as you buy reputable online shoe shops and pay particular attention to the information above, online shopping is an excellent way to save time and money; and give yourself the greatest choice when buying online.

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