Can Tiger Woods come back?

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A few weeks ago, after a solemn public apology, many sports commentators and golf enthusiasts liked the world what Tiger Woods did.

The legendary golf champion really felt sorry for the tremendous damage he could have had with his family and had to do all he could to relaunch the "trust points" loved ones.

Although Woods has clearly made use of the fact that sport is not his direct priority and that his career is held for a certain period of time, it is worth thinking that golfers will certainly continue to compete again later.

This is at least like merchants at, the operator of online forecasting markets. 80% of the participants will admit that the golfers will be playing PGA Tour until April 30, 2010.

Understanding dynamic, external and internal dynamics, in Tiger Woods's work the sport's empire is crucial to reinforcing such predictions.

First, the athlete has a solid inner strength in his play and family. He is a very supportive mother who behaves relatively well after her husband died a few years ago and a loving wife, Erin, who is likely to remain alongside her alienated husband by dispelling emotional pain.

Second, Woods is the most widespread athlete on earth. Its popularity goes through golf courses and golf courses, as it is also charitable through the foundation. Though communication in this sunset of this marriage melodrama was regrettable, a solid organization faces the crisis.

Third, and most importantly, the Woods & # 39; favor: what.

The fans are launching the largest set of sports equipment. The audience enjoys the second chance to stumble over celebrities who make a bad judgment and apologize for it. Cases vary by individuals, but current and previous headlines offer stories of many religious politicians, religious leaders, athletes and other celebrities returning after an adventurous episode.

Fourth advantage at Woods: golfers. In a strange way, this group needs a quicker return than any other, even though some rivals secretly prefer early retirement to achieve starvation. Some were outraged in the media after disbelief again surfaced in December, but the industry as a whole benefited greatly from Woods & clout.

Players can not refute this Woods & # 39; his presence in the game helped him gain personalized pay and support bids due to the increased audience, golfgenius relied on an elitist sport.

Last but not least sponsors and most important novelties, especially visual media (TV and internet), lose billions if the athlete interrupts or interrupts his or her career. The golf industry has experienced significant sales growth over the past decade and has no hope of manna evaporating. This is especially true for key players such as Nike and Adidas, or retailers and sports web portals.

It then becomes apparent that the external factors are the Woods & but the question now is whether you would use this difficult time to consolidate your morale and go back or forgot to forget. Wait and see!

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