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The golf course is on the corner, and some parts of the country have already started the golf season. Although cold fingers and limbs are more common than perfect recordings this season, soon weather will turn right, and all twenty and handicappers for everyone involved with golfers will be able to capture sunshine and warmth. Although many golfers are not talking about fashion, they are all aware of how they look at the track.

Many companies came out in a way that golfers would stay dry and cool while playing the biggest game of any game the most popular players are following. Nike Dri-FIT and Adidas & The ClimaCool T-shirt technology allows golfers to remain cool on the track by absorbing sweat and breathable material. As an enthusiastic golfer, I was wearing a lot of different Nike polo shirts and I really did find out. However, last summer after work after the afternoon I went to the golf course to play golf with a friend. After I got to the golf course and got my shoes, I realized I was wearing a black Carhartt Work-Dry T-shirt, instead of the usual golf clothes, the Nike Dri-FIT polo and panicked for a moment. It was in the mid-80's, and the sun beat everything that was possible. I thought I could not stay cool while walking and 18 holes to play golf. I decided to put it only in the back of my mind, and I was worried about playing well and defeating my friend.

After playing the seven holes, we stood for a few seconds before a lower group and reminded me to wear Carhartt Work-Dry again. Although it was hot and I drank enough water to make sure I did not get dry, I realized I was cool even in a black polo. Carhartt Work-Dry T-shirts are made with moisture management technology that is needed to keep the wearer dry and cool. As I got to pull it off, I turned it into my head again and finally finished the rest of the round. As soon as I sat around the circle of recordings, I reminded my Carhartt Work-Dry t-shirt again and could not be impressed with the product again. One of the hottest days of the year was golfing, wearing a black Carhartt Work-Dry T-shirt and comfortable to stay and managed to shoot one of the best in the summer.

I'm not going to say that if you wear Carhartt Work-Dry T-shirt, your score drops by 10 points or you'll never miss a putt again, but I'll say you'll be comfortable on the pitch. Next time, if you want to look for a polo that is always comfortable to work or play, try a Carhartt Work-Dry shorts polo shirt.

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