Change management at the unitholding level of the unit

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Most MBAs focus on managing changes at the Corporate Board Room and CEO levels, but there are hundreds or even thousands of business and subclasses for each corporate management board. Change management cycles are just as important for store sales, corporate profits and consistency efficiency

If team members and management do not cooperate at shop level, the store is ineffective, sales are loose and the system crashes. On the other hand, at the shop level, everything works seamlessly in every business, members of the Corporate Board look like geniuses, all credit, golfing retirement and the management book.

In fact, corporate-level people are partly thanking or blaming management at the unit or department store level, but without doing the right training and teamwork at this level, nothing will happen and customers will know and sales will also decrease

with mission statements, a joint, written and social contract agreement and agreement between managers, assistant managers, swing-shift managers and team leaders in individual stores or shops. If not, the system will decompose and everyone will be lost, especially shareholders. Consider this in 2006.

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