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So you decided you needed new basketball shoes. The Nike's pair you've been tossing over the past two years breaks through the seams. In fact, you're really tired of seeing a few fingers as you set up the court after you turn back. Yes, definitely new casual basketball shoes. But this time you need a quality pair. A pair that will not break if you cut the hardboard fast. A pair that will stop the test of time will perform a high level and will not lift one arm and one leg. I know you are asking yourself now. Is it really possible to buy some high quality basketball shoes that I can actually pay? The answer is absolute!

Basketball shoes are available in a wide range of today's markets. Yes, there are couples with a $ 170 price tag. There are a few pair of basketball shoes also come with a $ 75 price tag. Shoes that will not break on the seams. The Air Max Quarter and the Air Max Pure Game are both Nike Basketball Shoes that deliver the highest quality performance Nike is famous for. And these two shoes are built to last longer than the last two years you've blown up with the last pair.

The Nike Air Max Quarter is a mid-cut shoe that has both synthetic and tops. The middle sole uses Phylon and includes a Nike Max Air unit. This shoe contains all the elements that are used on Nike's more expensive models. This is a durable high performance basketball shoe that is very affordable. You can also get several shoes. Wolf Gray / Black / Old, White / Black, Black / White / Varsity Red and Black / Dark Gray / Black are all currently available for purchase.

Nike Air Max Pure is another basketball shoe that you can buy and do not have to clear your bank account blank. The Air Max Pure Game is a medium-size shoe and a synthetic cast top. Like the Air Max Quarter, the Max Air unit and Phylon are also used in the middle sole. Both shoes use a solid fish-tailed rubber for the toe. Again, Nike's recommended technology is the best shoe construction. The colors of the shoes include white / black / athletic red, black / silver / silver / black and black / silver / photo blue / black.

There are plenty of ways to buy a pair of Nike shoes for basketball. There are expensive options and cheap options. In fact, there are many cheap alternatives. Keep in mind that cheap alternatives provide the highest performance technologies offered by shoes. You no longer have to pay attention to your toes as the basketball court speeds up.

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