Cleaning the running shoes: 5 easy steps

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Is there a scent of your running shoe that resembles an angry skunks full of cabinets? Is the sweaty sweat from your shoe embarrassed? The odor comes from bacteria and fungi on sweat and dead skin particles inside the shoe. The smell can lead to fungal infection on your feet (athlete's foot). It is therefore recommended that you release your shoes after each run and clean them regularly.

Like many runners, I wasn't someone who cleaned my running shoes because I was afraid that they would be permanently injured. However, as an attempt to keep it fresh, I tried to wash with soap and water as I recommended, but I couldn't get rid of the smell. When I got tired of the smell, I decided to try them out in the washing machine and they were surprisingly clean. The best part of the scent disappeared and when I went to a run, their washing did not affect their performance. So I suggest that every runner first try this method on their older running shoes.

first Step

Turn the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water. Never use hot water as it will damage the adhesive and distort the shoes. form.

2nd Step

Remove old mud and dirt with an old toothbrush before placing it in the washer.

3rd Step

Remove your shoelaces and insoles, wash them with your running clothes. The clothes will help to annoy the shoes. If you have more than one pair of running shoes, load only one pair per load to avoid damage to the machine.

4th Step

If possible, use non-coastal, odorless, organic detergent. Alternatively, you can use a special sports cleaner that is designed for performance suits. The sports cleaner removes deodorant damaged sweat or water-repellent material. Personally, I used a smooth liquid detergent in a cup of white vinegar and a cup of baking soda. Vinegar kills bacteria and fungi while baking soda deodorizes and works as softer tissue. Be careful not to overdo it with detergent to prevent rigid clothes.

5th Step

When the cargo is finished, be sure to dry your shoes in the sun or at home. Do not try to place them in a dryer or use a hand dryer because excess heat will overwhelm your shoe. Add the newspaper to your shoes to help them keep their shape and absorb the extra moisture. After a few hours, remove the newspaper and open the shoe tongue to ensure that the shoe is completely dry. Remember that it takes ten to twelve hours to dry your running shoes.


Most running shoe manufacturers, such as Nike, Asics and Brooks, recommend wiping their shoes and avoid washing the machine. This method is just my suggestions for cleaning running shoes. It is the reader's responsibility to read the shoes before preparing the cleaning instructions before cleaning their shoes.

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