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I've met more people in the past few days who want to know why I introduced my phone to my server in a restaurant or why I giggle at the client's conference room because I'm signing in and declaring that I am now the mayor. Anyone who can promote Foursquare not only for themselves, but also in a fun, cost-effective way to promote their business.

Today, it's widely used on mobile phones, you think it's easier to find where your friends are and where they hang out. Mobiclix has just made a huge infographic review of what's happening on the mobile phone within just 60 seconds. With the same growth in mobile phones, various themes, kitchens and sites have been set up. Dining is more popular than ever. You would think it would be easy to find a table with several sites, but one night in an establishment can wait in the same place you can not wait the next night. This can lead to confusing marketing plans for owners of these businesses and find ways to take advantage of people not only to penetrate but also to encourage people to spread the word. Exactly these problems can be solved with the smartphone application called Foursquare.

So what is Foursquare exactly and what is its main advantage? First look at the user. When you sign up for Foursquare, either on the Internet or on smartphones, and sign in when you enter an establishment, let your contacts know you're in the area. They're glad to know where you are and maybe you're likely to follow and hang out with you. If you're lucky, you can get a cup of coffee in Starbucks or a better drink at the local pub. If you go to a restaurant, you can order some drinks or meals, or when you buy a good or bad customer service experience. After you've done these, you are now a trusted person to offer some "tips" on Foursquare. These tips may reflect the correct statements or reflect your complaints. They all depend on you. Basically, taking part in Foursquare, you discover the world and open your friends. Your friends who will be able to know your data are the partners who are linked to your Foursquare account. You can choose your address book, Facebook account, or Twitter account for this purpose. Check-ins depend on GPS locations. So, if you're on the go and find yourself, if you do not know where to go to the next gas station, or choose a hotel for the night, simply check your Foursquare app to find out if there's a good place in the area. Not so comfortable?

Anyone visiting the site within a certain time will be the "mayor" of that place. After you state that you are a mayor, you just show how often you patronize an establishment. In some stores, prizes are given to those who become mayors. These fees usually change according to restaurants or shops, just as they decide how to reward their loyal protectors.

If you are a new or small business, Foursquare is a very powerful tool for you. The main goal is to get as many people as possible by using the app so that you can effectively promote your business with as little capital as possible. This is through Foursquare. The key is to encourage customers to log on to the restaurant every time. For example, run a competition where the mayor of a restaurant receives free products. With this product, customers always look at their place. Examples of our local Houlihan restaurant offering free mini-appetizers with just one check-in or a local cafe that gives free coffee to the mayor. It also encourages the game that Foursquare and friends are more likely to try to "steal" the mayor from their friends. Everything is good for you, who gets more business from the friendly competition. By signing in, they will advertise the restaurant for each relationship and reach out to people beyond the normal market. When people are convinced that they exist, they will be curious that their friends usually hang out there. Certain curiosity then prompts them to visit the organization itself and do business and keep in touch.

Foursquare lives and leads in networking and Social Media, and it's up to you to take advantage of it. By encouraging your customers to sign up, they'll be able to effectively promote you without bothering you with no advertising costs. Call modern marketing, if yes, but very effective and cost-free compared to the usual advertising costs. Participating in Foursquare effectively and infinitely increases the potential growth of your business. If you have not yet fully exploited this option, then this is probably the time. Like any other Social Media publisher, even if you do not use the ad slot, you want to know what they are saying.

Do you remember that the client is now a "mayor"? They had no idea that they were so, and that people not only looked at their places but commented on it. Fortunately, this time you only get good comments. – If you decide to use this app, do not forget to use Foursquare on your other Social Media properties. Advertise what you offer on Twitter, on your Facebook business page, on your website, or more. He knew that advertising could be so fun!

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