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I wish we had an endless amount of options when we find people in our lives. In a lazy afternoon, I discovered the impressive similarities that we can put on our men's and after-season clothes, except that we don't usually change people every season! You can imagine what it would be like if it were just like that …

"I have clothes that are too frumpy to wear at home for the simple reason that they are comfortable, I would be at home. though I want to go with an intelligent, intelligent and witty wizard who wears my lavender figure with the back of my lycra. We have some clothes that can be stretched and men are "very" liberal, yet they are protected. we need a guy's friend if we lose the lost love. , but we can't sleep, and rich friends are trying to love expensive gifts for lost times. To fight the icy winters, we insist on wool, although they occupy huge closet spaces and remain loyal to our man who demands a lot of us because we intend to feel when we have to feel the warmth of true love

We see clothes in the showcase and we run the runways from season to season, then we see people on the street, in the neighborhood, at work and everywhere. He chooses both with great patience so as not to come out of style, even if the season is.

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