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It is fair to say that purchasing the right clothing for shorter people can sometimes work. This is because many people are unaware of the need to carefully choose the clothes and avoid styles that will wearers even shorter and greener than they already have. This can be a recipe for a shopping disaster! The solution is to prepare for the knowledge you need before visiting the shopping center. In this regard, the following tips may prove to be useful to both men and women:

When buying clothes, short men usually experience frustration when they come across garments that are all designed for high men and not the more modest dimensions. As a result, they are forced to look for a high and low search to find something suitable, that is, something that can hope to be somewhat thinner and higher than it actually is. At the top of such a man must-have a list of straight-legged jeans and pants that create a beautiful slim silhouette and the impression of a larger stature. On the other side of the coin, the thick or so-called "light fitting" should be avoided by elements that make the wearer slightly bloated and balloon-like. Men are also advised to be cautious with bright colors and horizontal streaks. Instead, use dark colors and vertically arranged strips.

For women, the council is similar. Straight fit, slim fit or slim fit trousers are recommended and should be worn with a thin belt, not wide. Customized skirts should be preferred to bags because the created creature is firmly, less bulky. Couples such a nice skirt with higher heels – this adds a vital thumb to a tiny form and classic style. Advice about women's color and patterns is generally the same as for men: Stick to darker, darker colors, and vertically, not horizontally. In fact, scientific studies have reported that upward and downward streaks are cooler for those who are short.

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