Connect the camera to the bicycle handlebar

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Move your photos to the Digi cam's steering wheel.

Some people may wonder why they want someone to connect their digital camera to the bike steering wheel. Well, in the old days of traditional photography, it didn't make sense. He could not see the view during the pedaling, so the composition was a bit more than a guessing guess.

However, today's digicams have many variable-angle LCD monitors. This means you can pull the monitor out of the back of the camera and adjust the angle of view. This is a perfect example that one technology (digital photography) can be borrowed from another (digital video). Digital video cameras used rotating LCDs from get-go.

For cycling enthusiasts, this means you can connect the camera to the steering wheel, turn the screen up, and monitor your composition in real time; just remember to watch the way, please! It's a great time to share your adventures with those who don't travel with you.

If the camera has such a great rotary monitor, you have a good chance of having a remote release that can be held in one hand while riding. Most of these releases not only allow you to unlock the lock, but also allow you to adjust the lens to different focal lengths. You can compose and shoot literally while traveling.

If you really want to be creative, enable movie mode on your camera and take short video footage of your trips. Try to find a smooth surface while recording video so that the film is not too confused.

A smart way to do this is for Pedco to get an UltraClamp and UltraMount and provide the complete equipment for the bike. The shop finder on the site helps you find the nearest retail store.

After installing the digicam, select still images or movies and locked fire. Unlike normal shots, you get other images. Just remember to be safe while doing this.

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