Crocs Silver Fox – CrocsRx combines fashionable footwear comfortably

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We introduce the new CrocsRx shoe. The silver Fox Mary Jane. These innovative shoes, manufactured by Crocs, Inc., are available in the Combics Crocs & the legendary comfort with fashion-forward sensitivity, this classic mary jane style has a 1 1/2 inch corner.

The Crocs & # 39; press release Silver Fox is the first shoe in the collection specifically designed for women's legs. Croslite AG + (TM) made of revolutionary new material made of nano-silver ceramic crystals, antibacterial and antifungal shoes, thus killing the bacterial and fungus flavorous strains that are routinely caused by foot infections. In addition, the shock absorbing sole relieves the legs, knees, hip and lower back, making sensitive footwear a choice for heel pain, arched pain and ultra-sensitive legs. Available in three refined color combinations, including bronze / brown, cotton candy / burgundy and classic black / black, available in silver black 4-10 women's sizes.

In addition, CrocsRx Silver Fox carries both the ergonomic recognition of the United States and the approval of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).

After CrocsRx Silver Fox was taught for several hours all day, a man remarked to me that their legs were just as good as when they woke up. As a teacher, he strongly recommended them to his staff and to anyone who is talking to them all day long. He said: The best part of the shoes is the extra curved support in combination with shock absorbing properties. "

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