Custom Made Jordans – How to Make Air Flows

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Nike launched the Jordanian shoe series when the young basketball player Michael Jordan made waves in basketball history. They launched the Jordan label shoes, which were not sporting, then officially officially accepted, and the "Jordan" brand, which still uses most of the sport's sales, was launched.

Custom-made Jordanians are very different from the original Jordanians.
These unique Jordanians are the ones that pay great attention to the owner.
The cool and awesome factor is the shoe owner.

These customized Jordanians allow the owner to uniquely express the individual's personality, highlighting the difference and uniqueness.

Custom-made Jordanians are available in different styles, shapes, colors, which are named and find what you are looking for or sometimes some new ones you can love and love.

Recently, a new collection, the Jordan 3 Fusion Autumn Collection, will be released after September 2008.
The first custom-made Jordan pair in black nylon color. The accents are printed with yellow cackle paint. Both yellow and black, where black is the basic color, are well in tandem. The front, middle and last part of the shoe have yellow cackle printing. The yellow cackle accent is beautifully spread on the shoes. The middle sole of the shoe is black and the outer sole is a mixture of black and yellow.

In the second pair, the color mode is white, with gold. Cackle printing has a white background and a gold line. The shoelaces are golden in color. This shoe contains a controlled amount of gold color, so it doesn't seem to be too caught. The center of the shoe is golden in color, with the outer sole white and two red circles. One of the classic shoes.

The third pair of custom-made Jordanians is dark brown in color, with a very leathery appearance. The shoe has a dark brown background with dark brown lines. There are two versions of shoelaces, one beige and the other gold. There are also bright brown-skinned panels. Beige in the middle of the shoe, while the outer sole is red in color and has black circles.

In the last pair of custom-made Jordans black suede color. The printed print of this shoe is very surprising and attractive because it has light blue, gray and black lines. The upper part of the shoe is mainly black, so it has a shoelace. The middle sole is black.

All these custom-made Jordanians are very good looking shoes, every organ will have serious difficulties in choosing a pair of four unique Jordanians

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