Death to Your Hair – What You Do

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At first glance, it seems that your hair's death should be simple. You're using permanent or demi-permanent paint and wait for the time you need. Then wash and shine with black hair on yours! But this is not always the case. Her black patch of hair is lighter than platinum blonde, but she has her own challenges.

Choose the right black

In general, cool black blacks (or blacks) are more difficult to pull down than dark chocolate shades. If you are looking for a natural looking black ink, check your skin and try to fit it.

If your skin has a warm or gold color, the warmer shades of black usually appear more natural. If you have very pale and cool, toned skin, the blue-white paint may look like Snow White. It all depends on what effect you are looking for.

Applying Black Ink

If you die at home, start reading the instructions in the box. Cover all surfaces with newspapers and wear a shirt you don't mind stains. Because the black dye paints a lot. Most hairdressing paints will come with plastic gloves; Cheaper and better matched vinyl or latex gloves are a better alternative.

To achieve even results and avoid banding, your hair should be placed in at least 4 sections. If you have very thick hair, make 6 or even 8 sections and push them out of the way. Start coloring on the roots and then work to make the hair fully saturated

Do not leave the toner too long

If you die at home, make sure you follow the instructions that should not be left for too long to the hair. The reason for this is that the color of the black hair dye is discolored, and that too much deposition is opaque, obviously painted-looking hair.

If you only cover your roots, make sure you apply the dye in two steps. First we apply it to the roots and then to the tips for a shorter time, so there is no excessive color content.

Don't try to paint blonde hair color

Blond hair has little or never red pigment, mostly yellow. Black ink has red and blue pigments. The result of mixing both? Orange or green hair or something that resembles a swamp monster. This is especially the case if you want to get bleached hair in a darker hue

If you want to paint the blonde hair in black, you must first fill in the missing pigments and then paint it black. This can be a complicated process, so if you don't have a lot of hair coloring, you should visit your hairdresser.

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