Decades of Fashion Trends – Trends in the Past Decade Remember and For Those We Want To Remember

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You can say a lot about fashion for a decade. The 60s are determined by free love and hippie suits. All of the 70s were about the disco revolution. And the cave of the 80s is a distinguished styling and new wave neon. So what do you know about the 00s or the "noughties"? Most importantly, we have long been looking at nods, with new views in the old views. Fashion has also developed a social consciousness with sustainable fabric and production that reflects the awareness of ecological responsibility that will surely go through the next decade. And of course, the noughties will become known farmers. Let's take a look at the fashion trends that are in the history book of fashion design schools and, more importantly, what they wear for the noughties party in twenty years.

Boho chic . This look was borrowed from Gypsy and Hippie effects and characterized by loose, liquid uppers and skirts, stratification of textiles and textures, and blend of prints. The look was made with oversized sunglasses, belts and vintage beads. Fashion writers call the so-called "heroin-elegant" mishmash trend in which people pay a lot of money to look bad. However, the inspiration of the 60s and 70s has remained popular since women are free to mix and match as they like.

Hip hop style . Urban impacts have given way to fashion street authenticity, and whatever the rappers have led to runways. Several hip-hop stars have also launched their own fashion design labels. But as hiphop music moved from the ghetto to the main stream, hiphop style has also evolved. Rapper clips, such as hooded sweaters, baggie jeans and sweaters, appeared in the first half of the decade, but the look of the boots, the pink shirts and the cardigans gave a sophisticated dandy look. In the early 80s it was a hip hop clam.

Molding Silhouettes . From the nineties, the thinned, loose fitting fashion had to be emptied out of our cabinets as we offered a tighter fit. Those old, wide, chained trousers were pants, and the decade showed the popularity of thin, low-rise jeans. Drainpipe styles not seen since the '60s are popular for both women and men. The final example of the tight garment was the pants, which was a great return for the past decade. They were united with long dresses, baby clothes, and even mini skirts.

Celebrity obsession . Over the past decade, fashion shows followed and imitated celebrities like never before. The paparazzi just fits the young Hollywood carnival with the fans, the desire to dress up like their favorite star-faces. We checked the accessories and shoes of the fashionable television characters. Everyone asked, "Who wears it" on the red carpet, making homework names from previously unknown fashion designers. And finally, fashion-focused reality shows group celebrities around Buddhist stylists, tailors and fashion schools to do anything, the celebrities and fashion immediately spoke.

Sustainable Materials . Noughties have brought the awareness of environmentally conscious textiles and materials. People began to ask what things were done and what kind of environmental barriers they were. The demand for clothes made of organic cotton, hemp and linen has increased and will continue to do so. Technological innovations also cave a new, sustainable material set, such as recycled plastic bottles or carpet sealing material, and rubber shoes made of recycled rubber.

Fair Trade Manufacturing . Although many consumers have been delighted at their low cost of clothing, they also ask the real cost of the items when they asked how and where the clothes were made. Working conditions were examined and companies that were "made in America" ​​enjoyed a competitive edge. Some companies donated some of their sales for environmental reasons and donated a pair of shoes to the needy for each pair sold.

Shoe With Trick . Their guardian merit is still being debated, but some of the special shoes have caused enormous splashes this decade. The bright colored plastic hammers clogged in the vents were extremely popular. The sheepskin boots, which were only worn after après-ski, were all-in-all. Shoes with built-in wheels allow people to go straight to the orthopedic doctor's office on the streets.

White garbage fashion . True, "white trash" is a stereotype, but legumes are embroidered in the thumb as the badge of honor. Trucker hats, white tank top and t-shirt, mechanical shirt and cowboy boots have become the height of fashion. It was a little country and a bit rock and roll.

Shrouded Men's Dresses . Growing men suddenly looked like they were buying in the boys' department, as fashion designers prefered the appearance of faded dresses. The dressed coats were tighter and shorter. The pants were over the shoe and baring the ankles. And for a short while Capri trousers were fashionable for men too.

Big Belts . Once upon a time belts were made to keep their trousers. Thanks to the noughties, they are huge (literally and figuratively) on dresses, t-shirts and so on trousers (but not unnecessarily within the loops). They are also surrounded by jewels and have huge buckles that compete with the size of Rhode Island.

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