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This is an introduction to the world of incredibly fun dice games. No, I won't teach you how to play. I'd rather show you only 2 to 8 dice to play many sports. In this first installment I will teach you about playing "Dice Football" college version. This is probably the simplest of all my dice games that I'll explore in later articles. In any case, you must enter two cubes, notebooks, and pens or pencils in each checkered football game. I'd rather prefer a notebook-listed notebook because the lines already create a smaller natural visitor / home team divider for the drawn rectangle. Interrupting the next rectangle in a quarter – just like the boxes in the newspaper. You can write to either of the two college teams you want to play or just stick to your home / visitor structure. The best team always goes first. Both teams receive five rolls of the two cubes. You can always allow the two teams to roll (5) at the same time. In a simpler sense, the visitor team throws two cubes five times. Then the home team does the same. You do this every quarter of the game

Scoring occurs when the two dice doubles. This is an interruption and worth six points. Just drop one cube for extra points. If the cube is a "one", the extra point is good. If you throw one of them, the extra point is missed and you only have to score six points for that roll. Remember that there are five dice per quarter in our team

Field goals can be tried if a dice produces ten (4 and 6) or eleven (5 and 6) values. Then you throw a cube to see that the goal of the field is good. When you try to target a field and perform one, two, or three scrolls, the goal of the field is good. Roll four, five or six, and that means you missed …

This is an example of how the game can be broken down. The visitor team throws a couple of matches in front of the cube three times … Touchdown! The visitor throws a dice and four … extra points are good – seven points in total. The visitor has the fifth scroll and his nails eleven. Field goal experiment! You throw two, which means the field is good. In the first quarter, the visitor's total score is ten points. Seven for the TD and the extra point and the three for the field goal.

The home team is beating twice before a roll of ten. He threw five at the on-site experiment, which means he was left out. Then doubles on both of the last two rolls, and both increase the extra point. The first quarter result is fourteen. So the home team will lead the game from the first quarter to the 10th to 10th.

Go to the end of four quarters. If the score ends with a tie, the two teams will alternate with a dice until someone gets points. In the next article I teach cube professional football, which is a bit more complicated. Keep rolling.

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