Did teachers discipline children at school – their positive or negative reaction?

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Teachers often say they are worried about discipline as a child and they will be frightened. In fact, the opposite is true – children do not react negatively to discipline. How come? A recent example illustrates this fact …

I met a small group in the city. If you have been less charitable, you have described them as a crime, but they are not threatened or intimidated, so the "group" is a suitable description. The sun was bright, so it was difficult to identify them. When they came closer they cried out and ran to me. No, not at all! This is a joyous 11-year-old boy throwing his arm around an adult he was recognized and loved. "Mrs. Marsden, I have not seen you before …" Jack was a student …

He was proud to be working brilliantly at school and looking forward to surrendering to the elderly this year. Well, wearing a jumper and a tie! Jack explained how many friends he has – another thing that gives him a lot of pleasure. The group I was with was obviously happy with her.

How can I know Jack? Jack was a disaster a few years ago and was forced out of Infant School for violence, confrontation and interruption. Teachers could not do anything to him. He was only 6 years old and he wrote the school virtually. Teachers were desperate – whatever they did did not have any effect on their appalling behavior. They came after "Uncle Tom Cobley and all" brigade and after finishing many meetings and behavioral counseling failed, Jack pointed to another direction … The unity of behavior …

Jack's first day was a problem. Ask her where her reading book is, her answer would be anatomically impossible! Her answer to her response was very clear to her that this language was not allowed and if she wanted to go, it would be better to quickly change her language and behavior! It was quite obvious that nobody had ever faced her behavior before. He has received a very clear message to improve his attitude. But after the problem was resolved, Jack quickly learned that it was done. Each time you do the right thing, you get a generous and encouraging burden. Follow the very simple rules and life will be fine. Jack could not read it very well, and when he gave him mathematical work, he would literally fear the fear – I've never seen a child react negatively. There were terrible fears that had to be recognized and dealt with. Adults must have an unlimited understanding of any child having educational difficulties, but not tolerating bad behavior. Adults should deny raising excuses for bad behavior and stopping the numbers before they have a chance at school – or anywhere else!

There is no magic for the behavior of children. Tracking the right behavioral management strategies at the right time and in the right way. So, Jack, is a nonsense child? Absolutely not – but heavily educated and this was so great for many children who were experiencing serious behavioral problems. He could not do the basic tasks, he was frustrated and missed learning when he went to school every day. Jack found himself in classes where there was no tolerance for any terrible behavior – is that a strict euphemism? But he also recognized that adults are willing to work with him to alleviate much fear against learning. He worked hard and independently, but he soon saw good results.

What was Jack's answer to this new experience? She flourished and began to enjoy learning. This was not passed to college since this could only happen if the mainstream adults learned how to conduct effective behavior. Adults had to learn how to behave and guide their behavior – something they did not do before.

So, Jack's welcome to the "rigorous teacher" at today's meeting is a perfect example of a long-term reaction to the child's boundaries and boundaries to their behavior. A totally positive reaction and a child who welcomes you with open arms – and before your friends! What is your group's risk to your friends?

Children desperately have limits and boundaries to their behavior. The teachers could have prevented Jack's suffering so much from behaving well before his behavior became completely unmanageable. Actually, we had to strive for action as it behaved badly.

Any teacher can learn to handle the Jacks of the world – or even prevent them from being like Jack at the infant school. That's what an adult is talking about. It is the adult's responsibility to preserve the upbringing of children without the basic discipline that enables them to reach their confidence and self-sufficiency. Every adult must be able to handle the behavior of children in a confident and effective way – in fact, it is not difficult.

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