Differences between Fund, Package 1, Pack 2, and Special Edition VW Jetta TDI – 2005-2007

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The 2005 VW Jetta TDI was based on a number of luxury software that was not part of the 2006 VW Jetta TDI. The features removed from the 2006 base car include automatic on / off headlamps, automatic rain sensor windscreen wipers, auto-dimensional rear-view mirrors, automatic two-zone climate control (so-called climatronic), adjustable footstep lighting, reflecting to illuminate the ground, when he opened the doors, highline instrument clusters with a full-screen drive information system and a homelink remote control in the awning. All of these features have been removed for the next model year because the cars were too expensive. In reality, the car now has more features than the VW Passat. Customers moved to the Volkswagen dealership and expected to purchase Passat and started out with a VW Jetta.

Therefore, the VW has changed the features of the base vehicle and the packs. With the base from 2005 to 2006, the VW Jetta TDI also featured amenities such as vinyl leatherette heated seats, heated side mirror and LED indicators in the left and right mirrors

For 2005, Package 1 (carriages), sunroof, cold weather package (heated seats and heated windscreen wipers) and 16 "alloy wheels

The 2005 package includes the package (along with package 1), leather seats, 12 way height front passenger seat, multifunctional steering wheel computer, manual rear window wiper, multi-function steering wheel and oak casing on the dashboard, gearbox, ashtray and side door panels

Replaces the VW 2006 package. Package 1 (outside the bottom cars), sunroof and premium seven-brand m satellite radio was contained in a hexagonal cd changer, did not contain alloy wheels as it was w placed in the 2006 base package.

In 2006, package 2 (incl. Package 1), leather seats, 12-way driver seat with three memory options, multifunctional steering wheel road. The rear window guard, electric passenger seat and wood panel have been removed.

As the emission standards were stricter, Volkswagen extended the production line by the end of 2006 to the 2006 year. These cars are called 2006.5 Special Expenditures. They are viewed as a completely different line. The base special-purpose cars contained everything on the 2005-2006 basis and added a trunk spoiler, diesel-released badges on the front mudguards, a 115V household outlet at the rear of the center console and a multifunctional steering wheel. Many of these cars also had iPod adapters and tire pressure monitoring sensors.

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