Digital Promotional Channels with iPhone Apps

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The time coupon coupons, sorting and remembering to bring them with you is coming to an end soon. Retail iPhone applications that feature digital pocket coupons that are searchable, stored and most important to be redeemed

Not long ago, coupons were tested on mobile phones and turned out to be facing problems, including various screen sizes and difficulties due to redemption unable scan. Time has passed and we now use technical upgrades with large screen resolutions and the adoption of two-dimensional barcode scanners with retail outlets that allow scanning and redeploy tracking through retail backend systems.

Integration with back-end MIS takes advantage of consumers' buying and publishing habits, so if a batch is promoted or sold, such information can be sent directly to that customer. This is an example of a targeted bid that is expected to result in higher redemption because it is personally relevant to that consumer. This is possible when an application is integrated with mobile messaging and the consumer has chosen to receive such alerts and notifications. Once automated, this communication flow can be a major revenue generator for retail operations.

The beauty of today's iPhone applications is to integrate into the content management system to update coupons and flyer content in real-time. Consumers can benefit from the ability to access the store and to access current coupons and specialty products for and on. This instant satisfaction capability is capable of directing traffic to retailers and increasing the volume while it is in the retail store.

Examples of retail coupons, coupons, and promotions:

– Del Monte Fresh Produce Company

– H & M


– Starbucks

– Walgreens

The retailer also has savings in the labor market and printing costs, where staff do not have to buy stock, shelves and catalogs with coupons and flyers anymore. Using the iPhone App to accomplish these tasks and save on printing costs is a positive green initiative that is well-suited to the obvious carbon footprint in retail operations.

This is an electronic digital world that empowers retailers as their advertising and marketing tools to take advantage of the new communication channel. This is a new form of media that is in everyone's pocket and with them at 24/7. The channel offers a bidirectional communication mechanism with the consumer and, most importantly, enables real-time tracking of consumer behavior through targeted bidding.

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