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As the legendary search for the Holy Grail, the glass that Jesus drank at the last dinner, the same "sacred crusade" nowadays the veteran and newly anointed business owners are the perfect wholesale, surplus, source. They believe that divine intervention leads to suppliers that are able to overcome the economic laws of "supply and demand".

More than a couple of people are trying to build a business on the basis of the weak promise that they will be able to "search" the retail stores in demand for their new business or auction, either under wholesale prices or "wholesale dollars."

we try to bring the wave of popular retail products to the greedy monster of all of us. The continuation of the "century transaction" has led some entrepreneurs to risk their initial capital for fraudulent bids and bids.

In this article, I would like to discuss the source of three product choices from multiple sources and each of the "advantages and disadvantages" of each. I also want to shed some light on the misconceptions people can buy for "resale products". The reality is that not all products will be available at wholesale, unnecessary and fairs.

Wholesalers: Typically, one of the best places to buy products for a newly-discovered business. Most real wholesalers require you to have the "Certificate of Resale" before you can buy them. The resale certificate or "tax and use certificate" is not difficult to reach and will cost anywhere from five to twenty dollars, depending on which country you live.

Some states do not require you to have them. You can obtain a certificate of foreign earnings. For more information on taxation and taxes, and provide additional information on resale certificates and business licenses.

Depending on the procedures of the states, if you have completed the paperwork, you may receive the "Certificate of Resale" number on the same day. You do not have to paste it to get the certificate. You need to be one person (at least) and have a title where you plan a business. After you enter your number, you will be able to open a business account at most local banks. Most do not require more than a few hundred dollars to get started. Wholesalers require a minimum purchase price of anywhere from $ 100 to $ 1,000.

The real wholesaler is usually a step away from the original source of the product. For example, the manufacturer manufactures blue gadgets and wants to get your product on the market. They then use a sales representative to place the product on the market, or grant a wholesale distributor the exclusive right to deliver and sell the products of the product family. Some companies are import wholesalers. Although they do not necessarily produce a product, they import products in the United States and in countries such as Chinese manufacturers. A great example of such an importer / wholesaler is

There are some ways to find wholesale products. Within each distribution chain, each product is usually a dedicated trade union, organization or commercial publication. Such commercial information can be found with the following directory information at the National Association of Wholesale Distributors, Go to the "From NAW" section at the top of the web page and then click on the "Tag Associations" section. There you will find wholesale association members about every product that has a retail presence.

From advertising to wood processing. You should be able to ask them for wholesalers in a particular industry. If you want to buy your membership list (separate from the list of associations), you need to contact them to check your current prices. More Good Resources:

Encyclopedia Associations: The Gale Group

The Encyclopedia Association lists over 100,000 non-profit American organizations. If you can not find what you are looking for in the National Association of Wholesalers of Professional Associations, then this directory is for you. However, he must go to the library to find this research pearl. You can usually find it in any of the major university or public library references. In addition to commercial alliances, commercial journals are also a good source. allows you to: "Search for more than 150,000 magazines, newsletters, newsletters and other journals databases

You can find publications that are familiar and hard-to-find across the globe for FREE details." allows you to: subscribe to commercial journals from their website for free! If you are looking for industrial products, this directory is for you. The Thomas Regional Library has access to over 550,000 industry distributors, manufacturers and service companies.

Thomas Regional helps find suppliers in your state or region. Registration is required but the library can be used for free! More free online resources for wholesale information and offers:,,,


Wholesale trade is the backbone of product supply for any new business venture. Large and small wholesalers are generally one step away from the manufacturer. They have the advantage of buying large quantities of products and, depending on the type of product, are able to give savings to those who are looking for "resale products". Wholesalers (in most cases) are sure to buy new products. I do not think too much of "scolding" when I deal with wholesalers – outside pricing. There may be elements that may be too expensive to sell on the eBay auction market. Remember, real wholesalers require you to have a resale certificate to buy them.

Overpopulation and Recycling Items: Following the supply source, another idea is the retail surplus, catching up, overcoming, liquidating and saving. Unnecessary dealers and brokers are buying shelves, returned, overwhelmed, liquidated, liquidated and rescued products for shelves from vendors, retail outlets, regeneration centers, bankruptcies, and just business lines that move or rescue the goods slowly.

Extra traders purchase these obsolete items in large quantities and then sell them to anyone who wants eBay's auction, flea market, dollar bargain, or retail store. One of the largest professional associations in the extra industry is the International Trade Association. Traders can be found in the United States.

Other sources for finding Surplus, Salvage, Closeout and Liquidated products are:,,,, and National Retail Equipment Liquidators (


The Surplus & Salvage commodity is a "pros" that is to offer you different products at wholesale prices. As much as you "sell the goods," you need to be able to find a product or price that matches each business ad model. In most cases, there is no need for a "reseller certificate" to buy products from Surplus & Salvage dealers and brokers.

The disadvantage of doing some investigative work. Some merchants want to buy (minimum palletised, lorry preferred) and visit the purchased company to make sure that the product is advertised. Also, you would like to pay more than a few S & S merchant payments in the form of a wire transfer, which can be very risky. In addition, traders and brokers occasionally misrepresent the quality of the products sold. Before you conduct any business with a surplus trader or broker, please use Google or your favorite search engine and enter "Ten Tips for Retailing and Recovery at a Retail Store".

Drop-Shipping: Allegedly the perfect business model. There is no stock, no excursions to post office or UPS. You've just created the shop, put in the order, hand it over to the wholesale drop shipping company and send it to you. Some drop ship distributors will even send you advertising copies and pictures to promote their products. You can even add the return address to the package! Many Retail Catalogs use droplets to feed.


There is an obvious benefit for drop-shipping. This is basically a "product less" business. You do not have to spend your money in the kit. Drop-Shipping fits into any business model or ad mode. However, if you are an eBay seller, you should consider this position.

Finding a drop shipping company that can deliver on a consistent basis can be difficult. Drop-shipping companies were known to have run out of goods. If you accidentally run out of the auction product and customers are waiting for you to wait for the product because it is "back ordered", it does not inspire confidence.

Your negative feedback can really accumulate quickly. Another problem is the cost. Some drop shippers must register for registration or "entry fee" before they start marketing their products. You may have to pay for support materials such as pictures and advertising brochures for the product you want to sell.

In addition, when selling products from a drop shipping company, payment fees must be paid to remove the product from the door and the customer. This price can be up to $ 5.00 and $ 10.00, depending on the item. After eBay and drop-shipping fees, you can cancel your money loss, or at best. Bottom line, drop-shipping and auction do not mix. The best bet for any auction company is "the one you sell".


Now that we've looked at the word "big three", let me put them in perspective. There are products that can be accessed through some of the major supply chains, and there are products that will never make it in the surplus, wholesale, or drop shipping market. Example: Louis Vuitton handbags are virtually impossible with a surplus dealer. The surplus traders that help LV handbags mislead you.

The same is true for people who sell large quantities of designer bags on eBay. The likely scenario is Chinese Knockoffs. Over 80 percent of popular retail products in the United States are copied to the People's Republic of China. These products include Nike, Reebok, Puma, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Calloway (Big Bertha) golf clubs and all products that enjoy popular merchandising status.

The Chinese government does not plan to stop knockoff because it is a thriving industry that provides employment for the masses. After US companies speak to "cease and stop", Chinese officials are relieved to answer the question. When the raids are spoken, they're "festive" publicity stunts, they seem to be actually acting against counterfeiters.

Another indicator of credibility is the price. You can not find authentic Louis Vuitton handbags for 30 or even $ 100. Most of them are 500 and up. In order to further illustrate this point, just think of today's popular celebrities who are dresses and handbag fans. Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, in every town the "Louies" sport, which can endure up to $ 10,000 for an exclusive bag style. Do you think you can access these articles at any time in the wholesale, unnecessary or drop shipping market?

Forget it! You may not even get these in some great boutiques! There are some people who are so well connected to buying "hot items", such as LV handbags, before they hit the shops. They know who wants these items and purchases what's available, just because they can be exclusive to their celebrity customers. Do not get me wrong. Not that you do not know "designer duds" or handbags at wholesale prices. Vogue's latest edition, Cosmo, "wholesale environment" and "resale product" does not get high quality clothes and accessories unless they spend thousands of dollars on selling such products.

Even though these items have reached beyond the associated shopping channels, exclusive clothing and handbag items such as Louis Vuitton have limited distribution in hand-made boutiques and well-liked buying agents. like other branded industries that burned the goods or buried them before reaching a wholesale, unnecessary or drop shipping market.

For a healthy sense of honesty and shopping realities, the Garment Broker will surely explode some of the popular myths about acquiring such items, The Clothing Broker: The


We now handle Surplus & Salvage Industry. When people meet for the first time at the deals of Surplus dealers or brokers, they usually suffer from what they have suffered from the so-called "I've just found gold" syndrome. brain cells and reduce them to a vibrating bag so their reasoning skills do not work! A few thousand dollars later, and having come to the conclusion that the "Golden Opportunity" turned out to be the lead, the flow of bands, it turns rage.

This is a clich̩ and I hate to use it, but it's more than exclusive when it comes to surplus and rescue products. "If it seems good to be true, then probably!" Some surplus dealers will be at least one of the seven deadly sins Рgreed! Like wholesale, you never get some products for "pennies" for the dollar. One of the surplus product categories that loses some people in their minds is surplus and rescue electronics.

The problem with electronics is that they still have a low profit margin when they are completely new. Finding surplus traders with working, intact electronic products can be a daunting task. Most rescue electronics can be quite rough, you should visit

What you get from most Surplus merchants or companies specializing in electronic resale to someone returning to your customers, or "junk!" Unless you're an electronics technician or recycler, I'll stay away from the "backup" electronics

which is not damaged and even in the box or in the retail blister, you can get a fairly high extra price.If you find someone offering you an electronic item, either a DVD player or an Xbox, eight dollars a unit, you're a "buyer beware." [19659002] My DROP-SHIPPING DROPPED!

My last criticism and caution is about drop-shipping. You may get access to information from drop shipping companies that would prove bad. I will not appeal to anyone who drops a dropshipping company that is well served by them. Nevertheless, I tell you that dropshipping is a threat I can not really offer any guidance or information that would lead to the source of a reliable dropshipper company.

Unlike excess and wholesale, where you are physically owned and controlled by the product, this option was taken out of hand. You trust the company to deliver the products directly to customers. If you are involved with a company who can not deliver or who is out there, you can find some very strange customers. Application fees, shipping fees, and support materials costs can really affect the bottom line.

Most dripping companies also want to send the product in bulk. If you only evaluate a few products a month or a month, or monthly, it may not be worth it if a drop shipping company deals with you. Large retailers are using drop shipping or "delivery" homes, but these companies deal with large-scale operations.

That's the point. When it comes to finding a product, you have to pay for your homework. Visit the corporate facility if you can. Never invest money into your corporate account. Use a credit card or Escrow service to protect yourself if your supplier does not deliver or send defective goods.

Understand that you will not be able to add the latest and greatest technique or fashion to excess and wholesale prices. If you follow these rules and use sober judgment as a "crusade", you may be able to find your own "Holy Grail" in wholesale supply!

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