DKNY Cologne – 5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a DKNY Smell

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first The DKNY Scent

DKNY Cologne is a masculine fragrance that is perfect for urban people. The fragrances of the DKNY Men's Cologne Collection have been designed to complement the sophisticated and ultra-trendy lifestyle of modern and busy people in a metropolis such as New York. With all the strength and vitality of each bottle, every man is inspired by his passion for hissing and living on the edge.

2nd How DKNY Began

DKNY was created by fashion designer Donna Karan, famous for its "body". Donna Karan's fate to become world-famous fashion designer has probably closed her birthday. Her mother was a fashion model and her father was a bra, so it was inevitable that she could stay in fashion too early. She has been involved in the Parsons School of Design for some years and has finally worked with Anne Klein for producing affordable sportswear.

Donna Karan's husband, Steve Weiss, founded Donna Karan New York (DKNY) in 1984. Donna Karan has created a comfortable dress from luxurious materials. In 1992, after producing only women's clothing for eight years, DKNY decided to engage in other products such as jeans, underwear, children's and infant clothing, shoes and men's clothing. The beauty collection was found in the year and included skin care products and scents. The first male Cologne started in 2000 and Donna Karan
was named DKNY Köln.

In 2001 Donna Karan sold DKNY to Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessey. Under the leadership of Louis Vuitton, DKNY continues to strive to pursue what Donna Karan has launched and produce quality products that are known to provide luxury and comfort.

3rd The First DKNY Cologne

The DKNY Men's Cologne Collection offers a selection that is perfect for everybody. The first smell that was released was DKNY Cologne. This combination of lavender leaves, spices and forests gives it a refreshing feeling. After the successful release of the first male Cologne, DKNY has continued to create products that attract modern men.

4th The Delicious Men Series

The DKNY Del Delicious Men is completely, extremely masculine, as it contains the simplicity of nature and the complexity of the busy busy city. Green, forests, sharp green apple and revitalizing coffee. The DKNY Red Delicious Men is a very tempting and provocative and impressive impression of women around you. Cognac, rum, cardamom and saffron are a unique combination of bergamot and mandarin furs.

5th Courageous Women Love Dangerous People

Courageous women love moving DKNY's latest men, the DKNY Men. This is specifically designed for men who have a dangerous but exciting lifestyle than those who live in New York. Each bottle has a combination of forests, citrus and flowers that are dark, but sexy, which is absolutely irresistible to women.

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