Do women love sex toys? The Shocking Truth About Female Sex Games Most women do not admit it!

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Are there any sex toys? Do women enjoy experiments in bed? And how do you bring the idea of ​​bringing sexual toys to the erotic equation? In this article we take a quick and transparent look at what women love (or not) when it comes to sexual behavior in the bag! Want to know more? Great … continue reading as we look closer!

Okay … but are not sex toys really just turning to men? I thought women just made me enjoy the thing to be happy. 19659002 The truth? Many women have LOVE sex toys and a large collection of their own that they enjoy with both the private … AND partner! The simple truth is the day when a woman has to be uncomfortable, shameless or "easy" because she loves experimenting with passion tests, she has long gone. In fact, many women are happy to tell you what games they like, or … or even that they wanted to add as your relationship grows and the erotic experiment extends!

Do all women feel the same?

Absolutely not, no. Some women feel social or sexual stigma for using the toy. Others feel a bit confused, or there are other excuses. But, according to my experience, and it grows year after year, more and more women are actively enjoying these kinds of things privately … openly discussing them with their female friends and as our more comfortable (or daring) partners can easily integrate into an adventurous sexual life for booting

Are there any special games that are the best?

It really depends on woman and man. For example, many smaller people are able to use different toys for sexual stimulation as a well-trained person. Either the different women have different walnesses or sensitive spots or flavors on the board. So communication is key … and the body type has both HE and very important roles in which accessories will work BEST for both of you

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