Do you want to shine your light? Wear radical Christian T-shirts

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"You are the light of a world of world like a city on a mountain, shining at night so that everyone can see it." Matthew

What does this verse mean to you, do you mean volunteering for homeless shelter in the city center, or do you teach a Sunday school class? Could they buy and wear radical Christian clothing? Yes, that way. As Jesus said in the mountain speech, there are ways to isolate ourselves as secular Christians, a way to do this, physically use the armor of God to help you live in your daily life to help you shine your light.

Just like light, we call on evangelization to send a Good News message to others, wearing Christian T-shirts and the "armor of God" as described in the sixth chapter of Ephesus ("For this reason, all the pieces of God's armor to be able to withstand the enemy in the time of evil. "Ephesians 6: 13), there are ways we did as well as Jesus. "Whatever the Father Makes, the Son" John 5:19. Since we are our children, we are called to follow in their similarity. In the same sense, people knew that Jesus was the Messiah. The Samaritan woman, Zacheus, and all her followers knew that Jesus was the Messiah through her actions. The unique way to live every day in your divine life is to be like Christ. This dress can only help this light and can help express its love and passion for the Lord.

Your light shines even brighter through crisp Christian dresses. Previously, the dress was enough, maybe a white shirt and a poem printed on it. Now you can express your passion for Christian faith in a fresh and unique way for people who see their wear. You will leave them different from you and help them see a strong message and who you are. The shield of faith becomes part of Armor and you can show it with a Christian T-shirt directly on it. With this new Christian clothing, you can make a happy statement through both your actions and your appearance. There is no bigger alternative.

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