E-Commerce Brick-And-Mortar for retailers and wholesalers

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Do you have a shop that sells a product? Perhaps he once served his local community and sold the product professionally. Want to find new customers and increase sales. You know the internet is responsible for generating wealth for many entrepreneurs, but you still did not know how the internet could help your business.

If you are a small or medium-sized retailer or wholesaler who wants to learn that the internet can generate more revenue with minimal cost increases, this article is for you. If you already have an internet store and are not happy with the current results then this article will be useful to you as well.

Why limit your sales to the local community if the whole world becomes available? If you sell the transferable items, it is up to you and your business to create an e-commerce platform. Use the following information to help you prepare for the transition. You will need to become a member of the staff who has a lot of internet and computer skills or you need to rent external internet marketing

1. Make a Set

First, make sure you have an exact inventory for your existing inventory. There is nothing worse than selling a product on your web site just to find it not on the shelf when you are in a boat. This causes more problems.

First, you'll need to find out whether you're really up to the order. You can satisfy the item so that the customer will still be satisfied

Second, you must contact your customers and break the news. If you are unable to complete your order, I suggest you bid for the next order discount. You have to convince your customer not to sell any items they do not. You have to tempt them to try the shop again if you need them again. I usually offer a 10% discount coupon code, which you can use once. Do not forget to return your money INCREASED!

If you are able to restore and complete your order, you should inform the customer without delay that you will be delayed. DO NOT wait to get in touch with them and look for their order. It is much better to know the order the same day. I suggest you contact them by phone and follow the email. This will tell your customers that there is a lifelong, breathing person behind the web site who only pays money. I suggest that you give money back if the new time frame does not work for them. If you do this, it is likely that the customer will understand and accept the later shipment. We recommend them a coupon for their next order!

The lesson learned here: Make sure you know what's on the shelf before you start selling the rest of the world.

Detailed inventory data

that you want to sell, collect, and catalog on the Internet:

1. Product name

2. Unique Identification Number (if you have a barcode, use it!)

3. Item Description

4. Unit of measurement (in all cases, etc.)

5. Weight – Use fonts and ounces in the United States

6. Size of the item

Manufacturer Name 7

8. Manufacturer Identification Number

9. Costs

10. List price

11. MSRP (optional)

12. Any variation (color, size, etc.)

In addition to performing this collection of information, you may want to create or find a product photo on the web. Please try to scale the images to 800×600 with 72 DPI. (Useful Tip: Use your unique unique ID to name your photo: "uniqueid.jpg")

2. Get ready to accept web payments

• Go to your bank and request a commercial invoice. You can also use the almost unlimited pool of merchants. Be sure to compare the costs.

• Create a Authorize.net account

• Register for a Paypal account

3. Identify the suppliers

• Usually ships with USPS, UPS, and FedEx services. If you ship goods that require freight transport, be sure to use them and how to get the prices.

• I recommend creating online accounts with agencies they are willing to deliver.

• If you do not already have a package operation, get one.

4th Collect the sales tax

In most states, you have to pay sales tax to customers who order and receive goods in your home country. Some states levied on county and local government taxes.

5th Build your site and shopping cart

I suggest that I offer someone who is familiar in this arena. Ecommerce sites are a special science. There are some "do-it-yourself" platforms, such as Network Solutions E-Commerce, but these pre-packaged programs are usually limited in design capabilities and there may be some special features that you do not want to access. The support is very limited unless you are willing to pay for it.

Do your home assignments and hire an e-commerce consultant who has experience in making web stores. This person can either set you up to manage your site yourself or have ongoing support.


Make sure that you run multiple test orders before you are on live. It is important that you successfully receive order information that is able to effectively transfer this data to your in-house inventory system and be able to complete your order within a reasonable time

. Designing a new website

• Submit your site to major search engines.

• Take advantage of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.)

• Record on the Chamber of Commerce's website

• Submit your listing to Google Shopping, Amazon, Monster Marketplace, and more

• Exchange links with other websites – they offer to promote your colleagues' website in exchange for your ads.

Other considerations

Mobile Version: More and more people use smartphones, iPhones, and tablets to browse and buy the Internet. Do not lose this valuable sector!

Data Management: If you are attracting new business successfully, you should consider an automated way of thinking about a new website for sales information for in-house accounting software. An eCommerce Advisor should be able to provide a way to do so.

Drop-Shipping is a very lucrative aspect of e-commerce. If you are in touch with the seller, ask about shipping capabilities. So you do not have to actually stock the item you want to sell. Once you have received the order, you can notify the seller of the sale, ship the data, and "blind" the item to the customer. You may also be able to add a copy of their account and place the return address on the package. Get ready if you will pay a small fee for the service if available. You can also take this cost into the profit margin or get the customer costs through the "change of management".

Coupons: I mentioned earlier. I really believed in online coupons for a variety of purposes. You can give a discount code to your best customers. These codes may also be included in email and snail mail marketing. They can be used in social media. Advantages of Online Coupon Codes:

1. You set the discount.

2. Sets the maturity.

3. You can control how many times you can use it.

4. You can check exactly which products are eligible … and which are not.

5. We can easily monitor their use and profitability.


By making regular stockpiling and making the rest of the world available, you'll surely increase your earnings with minimal extra costs. Most of the extra costs will come to the fore in creating an e-commerce store. Many different companies offer these services. Make sure you do your homework and select an ecommerce consultant with significant experience and success. If you are one of the employees of the Internet and computer savvy, you can certainly build your own e-commerce platform … just consider the learning curve. With today's technology, almost anyone can build and launch a site. The ecommerce website itself is a science.

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