Economic growth is showing a modest increase in men this summer

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The recent Drapers article appeared and showed very interesting results. G-Star Raw is the most popular brand for best sales. This is surprising for economists who considered the Dutch super brand to be difficult times as the available income in the young adult sector is available – the brand's target market.

G-Star was followed by Luke 1977 and Diesel, which indicates that consumer confidence has increased and now they buy a higher ticket. This "end of the tunnel" is light "consumer spending has fallen over the last 2.5 years due to the financial sector's importance as a result of the global financial crisis affecting the United Kingdom's unique character.

The most popular mens designer brands this year, Luke, G-Star , Adidas Originals, Duck and Cover, and Firetrap. Maintaining strong sales is vital for retailers to ensure they are not over stocked. Overcrowding may cause problems with cash flow if stock is not enough during the season and a new set is available you must pay

The most popular category of sales is seasonal wear The drappers article shows that the most popular dress types are polo shirts and tees Although these products are sold all year round, summer is showing a more profitable sales than winter

The biggest surprise this season it was the popularity of male China. They came out of nowhere, and they definitely assumed the United Kingdom. The products' seasons flew on the shelves, with strong sales reports showing almost neck and neck with jeans sales. This trend looks to autumn / winter 2011 and beyond.

But why were the chinos doing so well in such difficult economic times? Well, they got up from ash. It's no longer a straight leg, a clear cut, and what your grandfather would wear. They are transformed. Flexible cuffs, tweezers and pocket screws all gave the chinos a new feel. X-Factor exposure was seen with one of the compass boys.

The numbers themselves promise, 54% of retailers say the numbers are better than last year, and 31% say the same, and only 15% say they are worse. These are encouraging signs for the fragile industry to regularly increase the cost of cotton; Sometimes not everything in the retail trade is fate and darkness.

Source: Drapers Magazine – August 26, 2011 Men's Clothing page.

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