Eight Tips for Selecting Air Brush Compressors

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If you are looking for an airbrush paintbrush compressor, there are a few things you should first consider.

The big question is whether it is for home or professional use. No need for the same reliability or robust construction for household use, while commercial use requires better quality and greater reliability. Commercial compressors last for a long time at high loads, but at a higher cost than for household use.

Both household and commercial applications, however, need to have the right amount of airflow to work properly. Understand that capturing the airbrush does not know whether it is a home or commercial compressor that does everything – just enough to get the right air flow through the nozzle. Keep in mind that you must be able to tell what airflow you need to work with the best capacity on your rifle, and if you have any doubt, ask the desks that sold the airbrush.

And if you know this number, experts recommend "oversize" the compressor to at least relax a bit. Keep in mind that you can always adjust or lower the airflow with a needle-mounted needle valve and reduce the pressure by a regulator. Keep in mind, however, that if you have a higher airflow, you can handle thicker, viscous paint.

So what's important in air compressors? No sound. This is especially true if you use it all day long, but for any home use you would like to suppress this baby. If lack of sound is important, look for airbrush-specific compressors. They are the finest air compressors in the market, but they can pay up to $ 1000 for the privilege of silent operation. Much cheaper to buy a compressor from a local box store and build a soundproof box to save money.

There is also an oil-free compressor required. Oil-free compressors spend more, but they remove "fish" from their work with tiny oil drops that are fed by oil-leaked machines. And the interesting thing is that oil-free compressors are noisy than oil machines with similar lubricants. Oil-free machines are oil-lubricated and have shorter lifetime, so you should be aware of the purchase of this compressor.

Water hurt in paint. All the compressors will stretch the water to the end of the work. This is the function of compressing air and can not be avoided or ignored. The smooth air filter must be used to remove free water at the operating end of the cord. If sprayed on a cool surface, you may accidentally create water droplets on the surface as condensation of water vapor in the air. In this case, an in-line air dryer is also required.

If you are serious about using the air blower compressor, you want to install a good air regulator. This will increase airflow and make life easier. Additionally, it allows you to place the paint with a smooth flow instead of causing uneven airflow due to normal compression of the compressor.

A somewhat technical "work cycle" means that the compressor is used continuously or intermittently. If you buy a compressor from a box store (mostly cheaper models for intermittent use), do not wait to print a full side page without the compressor being rested or risking it to go out. They are not considered for long-term use, they are more suitable for tire replenishment.

Eight tips to help you choose the right air compressor; good luck in your hunting!

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