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Founded in 1959

In 1959 he founded Perugia, Italy Leonardo Servadio. The name comes from his initials, L & S – elle-esse.

In the early days, important decisions were made during the table tennis game. Leonard Servadio and Franco D "Attoma, Leonardo's brother-in-law will play the winner to realize their ideas. [22] THE COMPANY PETS

EEtore and Giorgina were their host animals. We are not talking about dogs or cats – these were the penguins! EEtore and Giorgina started the most racing games on track, but unfortunately, when they started to destroy the Leonardo Servadio's garden, they donated to the Verona Zoo. In 1973, Vogue magazine was featured in Italy with "Curieuse" and "the sexiest opportunity of summer". These wonderful trousers were loose and open on their sides, and like a sarong with a bra. You can still see the "Curieuse" pattern in the Perugia Museum. Do this to the beach and everyone admires.


At that time, an unknown tennis player, Boris Becker, signed a 15-year-old. and that was true, Becker won the Wimbledon in 1985 and 1986 in sporting athletics

In the early nineties, he wrote an unknown 9-year-old Anna Kournikova

guessing that he would become the sexiest woman in the world the FHM voted in 2002.


Nick Love's 2006 neo-gangsta movie "The Business" was to be strong. The casual style of the 80s was a reminder and brought back the brand-name sportswear that everyone likes! Responding once again became an excitement among people when we saw an inheritance track in Nick Love's 2009 classic "The Firm" "Casuals". A scene in which a youthful occasional cause with his dad is that he has to be the most expensive track-top in the store (the one in Villas) because "this is what children are sporting" means how much he is looking for this product, it still has!


give away 50! In 2009, he would celebrate his 50th birthday in Rome, Italy, at the brand's home. she was rubbing her shoulders with Lily Cole, Gemma Arterton, Pat Cash, Eley Kishimoto, and Jade Jagger. The NYPC and Crazy P listened to the night classes with cupcakes and champagne.


In 2000, join the Danish Wood Wood brand in 2010 to create a big summer collection featuring legitimate zip, trendy sweaters, great-branded tees and leggings with lightweight pumps are provided. Co-operation sets Wood Wood's Scandinavian Road Style roots and the British 80's culture.

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