Embroidered shirt – How can I use them to help me in my marketing messages?

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If you spend time and money on promotional T-shirts, T-shirts or traditional shirts, it's important for your marketing message to remain on it.

Prints most companies logo and details on their shirts. The problem with this method is that it fades very quickly. I'm sure you have some experience when, after some wash, the prints fade or glow. With this fading and printing disruption your promotional message will also be lost.

That's why the embroidered shirt is becoming more popular. If something is ingrained in the shirt, it will not fade, no matter how many washings are done. This means that as long as the shirt is retained, your promotional message will be displayed.

Embroidery is very rare on T-shirts. However, this is very common on T-shirts and traditional T-shirts.

One reason for this is that on these shirts the company logo is generally much smaller and discreet. It is placed in the vest, collar or sleeve, unlike the whole with the front of the shirt.

The second reason is that embroidery looks much more professional. If you give your donations to directors or wealthy clients, the promotional gift should get a higher value and the embroidered shirt is the best way to do this.

Finally, it gives a positive impression, and more importantly, durable shirts that have their marketing message embroidered, as opposed to printing that fades and worsens after only a few of the wash.

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