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If you believe that you own a new franchise or business, you may have an EmbroidMe franchise. EmbroidMe is part of a successful franchise family that includes rama, franchise mart and billboard. Each part of the United Franchise Group.

The United Franchise Group has a 30-year franchise experience that has raised the franchise giant at more than 1,450 franchise locations in 50 countries as a $ 500 million success story. Knowing Franchise

A franchise is an excellent way to start a new business, especially in today's economic environment. If you have motivation, determination and work ethics, you can pass it on to the franchise.

EmbroidMe franchises offer corporate branding solutions and promotions. EmbroidMe provides embroidery and screen printing services for school leaks, uniforms, caps, caps, tees and the like. With brands such as Hanes, Nike, Adidas and Outerbanks, they have been partners. This kind of partnership offers competitive pricing and high quality. There is a market for custom-made tees. EmbroidMe also offers a state-of-the-art solution with an online catalog that allows viewers to view their own personal image for purchase.

EmbroidMe has at least $ 44,000 in investment and provides funding for the investment you need, as it may need up to $ 200,000 to open your shop and reach its operating capital.

What do you get from a EmbroidMe franchise? Trademarks with competitive pricing. Buying power is a franchise and hundreds of shops across the country; economies of scale are created.

2. An Aggressive Internet Marketing Plan That Offers Your New Business.

3. Professionally designed marketing material

4. Professionally designed stores that help in on-site selection.

5. Two-week training in Florida and two weeks on your site with continuous support

Entrepreneur's # 1 Choice in Industry, EmbroidMe Me seems to have a high level of customer satisfaction and a high level of franchise.

In summary: EmbroidMe has been led by excellent leadership and has a strong franchise and franchise network. If you like the retail industry with direct sales to you, then this is the concept for you. Think about the amount of investment and determine whether you have sufficient capital.

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