Essential Backpacking Checklist: What you really need

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With the backpack in the exotic and exotic world, I dream that many people have no chance of realizing their lives. For some lucky, brave, and determined people who are able to make their own advent, the checklist and the materials they bring are a significant choice. I plan to offer you personal advice that will raise the weight of the serious choice and help you figure out what you need to accomplish.

First of all, I want to get rid of the fear you can bring, and what doubts do you have about the "light" packaging. No matter what you think you need, and how much you think you need it, half the things you plan on the packaging. If you are traveling with a real backpack, you will only need the essentials. I decided to move light from the beginning and once I filled my stuff, I could not help but I felt a little scared that I did not pack enough stuff. Soon I realized that all the "stuff" that you expect is part of an old lifestyle that has lived in the home, not the adventurous.

Now that we've run the reason why we pack the light, I'd like to give you a specific list of what you can do with it. Part of these items and quantities will be developed after the list.

-4 pairs of underwear

-3 pairs of socks

-1 or 2 shirts to wear off at night: I chose a flannel because she did not show wrinkles when she was stuck in the bag.

-1 Long-sleeved T-shirt: A long sleeve that keeps warm.

-3 T-shirt: Keep from light and netting.

-1 windbreaker coat / raincoat: Preferably something that also keeps the heat. Adidas has some great opportunities in this class.

-3 pairs of shorts: Make sure you are a netting. It is incredibly easy, easy to clean and quick to dry. I also chose this material because it was easy for me to quickly get them in the sink in the hostel. The same applies to shirts.

-1 pairs of jeans: I offer dark wash because it may be discolored and you will not be able to wash your jeans every time you wear them.

-1 belt: I only recommend this because you can lose weight on your trip due to constant walking … or your budget.

-1 pairs of hiking boots: Make sure you are comfortable, strong, and broken for at least a few days before you leave.

-1 pairs of shoes to get used to the night life: this choice depends entirely on you and your sword.

-1 pairs of flip-flops: Do not buy expensive pairs, only cheaper and replace when it breaks. Many people recommend the moccasins, but I felt a combination of durable hiking shoes and cheap flip flops on the beach days much more favorable.

-1 converter: Yes, there are indeed different types of plugs around the world! Walmart is a handy converter that covers everything from all over the world at a cheap price.

-1 pocket knife: Everyone strongly advised me to bring one, but I forgot to pack it and did it without it. However, if you plan on camping, I'm sure you will.

-1 jug: I recommend this to women, as it is a miserable reality for traveling as a girl, especially for solo. Although you do not have to worry about Western Europe, I met people who had a rather unpleasant experience in the Eastern Bloc. I do not say that every person in the East is wrong, but just to take precautionary measures.

-Hygiene: deodorant, small bottle of Cologne / perfume, 3 in 1 hair and body care (this stuff is ideal and saves space!), Nail clippers, Q tips, toothbrushes and toothpaste and very important female needs [19659002] -1 Money Belt: This is really essential when traveling. First, you have to make more money than you probably are using to get back to the states because credit cards are not accepted as in Amuurica. This means that you have to make money, which also means international exchange, conversion and ATM charges. With less damage you can avoid withdrawing larger amounts and avoid frequent trips to the ATM. With this cash pack you will be safe on the money track and you do not have to worry about it.

-1 Compact Guide: If your trip is short and targeted, you can only purchase the latest Lonely Planet or Rick Steeve for a particular city / country. However, if you are traveling in many countries or across continents, I recommend a guide to major attractions. When you get to the main sights, ask people where to go in the neighborhood if you have time. I have found that this strategy leads to places where tourists are not so common and reflect much more accurately the true ethnic traditions of the country. Ideally, you can buy instructions for your smartphone, Lonely Planet offers a lot of things and you do not have to worry about bulk.

– The novel: This section is completely in line with what you think you will enjoy, but here I would like to offer you some advice. I suggest to make a book that is a little abstract in the sense that every sentence, or even word, can be conveyed. I found out how useful this personal experience is. I met a Brazilian in Germany that I was a very good friend. One day when we talked, I got a book she told you wanted. Richard Alpert's novel was here. Although some people think that this kind of novel is the cover of s ** t, I really enjoyed the ambiguity because I was able to spend my train only on a few pages, seeing how my attitude to my life is like at present. I'm not a New Age freak, but these novels are perfect for traveling. Another example is Confucius. Selected writings. In the end, you will make the book you want, but I recommend something that will let your mind think.

-A Journal: This is much more obvious to me than socks. When you travel, the mind's constraints are disturbed, as the routines of everyday life are directed to spontaneity and the ideal moments where free will can be exercised. His brain is "switched on" in the most natural way and new observations come about. With your new exposure to the world's wonders, you want to note that you see, think, and feel some things. You can use a comment on your smartphone. That's what I did, and unfortunately, one night, I was overwhelmed in Prague. I've lost all the observations, information and music that I met during my trip. You are warned!

With this list, you are ready for any adventure that comes your way. I admit it was a couple of times when I was not completely ready, but I figured I was here to tell the story. It should be recalled that the ingenuity never underestimates when the situation arises. Finally, I hope you continue to brave and travel light! I'm incredibly happy 🙂

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