Evening Bags – then and now

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Evening Bags – Short History in Time …

Handbags are usually a surprisingly long history until the 13th and 14th centuries, basically a men's bag called a pouch. In the 15th century, women now joined men with handkerchiefs to carry their riches and jewels, and their clothing is much more complicated, such as trousers.

In the 18th century, the evening bag began to form in a recognized form. Initially, there are tiny decorated bags that are large enough to accommodate essential toilet stalls, such as fragrant salts, fans and business cards, beaded, embroidered, or decorated, depending on the waist or hinge. Fashion dictated whether this bag should fit the wearer's garment.

Until the 19th century, the evening bag developed and grew to accommodate makeup, gloves and ophthalmic glass. Bags were mostly made by hand at home, and as such, the richer the bag, the richer the woman had, the time, the skills and the money to spend. Small pearls were popular and made beautiful outdoor and romantic scenes.

In the twentieth century, During the course of the century, during the industrialization the evening bags were mass production and the different styles that we see today appeared. In the 1930s and 1940s, the popular clutch bag has developed to date.

Style of Bags

Your evening bag should not only be fantastic but should provide enough room for your essence without the seams falling over. Over the years, bags have generally become smaller, so if you are not a wallet and a credit card woman, be sure to fit in with extra pieces and pieces.

Every year in history there are many popular evening bags, including purses with a bucket – usually small. This category may also include a clutch bag with clamp or cover. Most clutch bags usually have no vents, so they occupy more space in the small category, but work well with evening dresses. Strap bags are in the middle class with strange hidden objects and are generally pretty. Evening bags, shoulder bags or bodybags fit well into evening dresses, but they usually give room to the room.

Finally, colors ….

Evening dresses and bags make the night glittering. If you wear this classic black number, why not confront it with a striking red, gold or copper evening bag and a bundle? Silver evening accessories with mauve, pink or purple, black or white evening accessories work well with silver black or white.

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