Extremely heat drying of golfers

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Some symptoms are found in extremely hot, active days: unhappy thirst, weakness, nausea, dizziness, seizures, headaches, blurred vision and lack of urine. Immediately call any physician experienced in any of the above symptoms to physician and water. Here are some tips that will help you avoid dehydration during the summer dog puppies:

1) Drink lots of water … spirit. The easiest way to prevent and treat dehydration is to drink plenty of water, especially on hot days and during the day at regular intervals. For golfers, take off all the holes. Facebook friends Eddie Garrison uses an electrolyte solvent in MYZ's water bottle while Todd Eric Pope consumes coconut water to fill the fluid level. Beer or other alcoholic beverages, although they may contain water, actually promote dehydration by encouraging their kidneys to filter out the water. Here's the common term: "You do not buy beer but rent." #

Most people underestimate the amount of water actually needed, and there are actually "geniuses" who think they consume too much water and make them greasy (water weight). As part of the dietary regiment, they actually avoid water intake. Big mistake. Water does not contain calories and can ever get out of the body, so drink it.

2) The dress code is valid. Ramon Hernandez's other Facebook friend, Adidas Climacool's shirt and trousers swears. Whatever your chosen brand, wear loose clothing and hats. Today's technological advances make our clothing soak up our sweat and optimize the body's water retention ability. Though sunshades look awkward or uncomfortable, they provide protection from sun rays and keep their cool, and most importantly hydrated.

3) Leap the cup. Caffeine is the body's natural urine. This means that it promotes water loss to arouse a lot. Although you can choose to & # 39; zip & # 39; in the morning, on hot days, leave the morning repairs and instead make a makeup or fruit. Your body will thank you and receive it later.

Avoiding the above will lead you to the ER. In this case, you may experience nausea, dizziness and convulsion. The nurse will put a needle in his arm and he will tie a IV for a few hours. Once you can stand on your own two feet, you may still be able to reach the satisfactory feeling of urination. This is because your body sucks the water. In this case, we suggest you go home, relax and read the first three tips in this article. Hopefully, next time you will be alert to the warnings. Stay hydrated to my friends.

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