Farah Vintage – The legendary band's story

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Mansour Farah, founder of Farah, originally studied the design and production of T-shirt at the University of New York. After finishing, he opened a very small factory in El Paso (Texas, USA). The first lines of the factory included men's jeans, jeans and khaki trousers. [19] In the 1940s, the war began to shift from civilian clothing production to military uniforms. When the US troops landed on Normandy beaches in 1944, they wore Farah uniforms.

After the war, the company had to switch back to fashion production. With the launch of Farah Gold, he quickly became an exciting and stylish clothing brand.

Farah proved to be very successful when the United Kingdom launched a long unease in the United States, including the Vietnam War, rising oil prices and general civil unrest. One of the most popular products included the Hopsack loose trousers, professionally cut, stained and look great.

Farah's moments grew in the 80's, as Farah became the label of the 80's. And at the Baron Street London Store, the clothing brand went strong. Never far from the concerts and the football terraces, the legendary F ear style and quality was assigned. In the 1990s, the brand was popular with Britpop bands such as Oasis, Blur, Pulp and Supergrass. Farah is still keeping his retro style alive, according to his original plan, inspiring a whole new generation of fashion lovers

Farah is still representing and maintaining the retro, indie, mod culture of history while still creating his own style and look. Be sure to check out the range of T-shirts, Trousers, Trousers, Trousers and Shirts

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