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The fashion industry is a growing, growing and billion-dollar industry. Everyone in society is a conscious or subconscious victim of fashion. Consciously or unknowingly, everyone publishes fashion through their own personal statement. Fashion marketing is an integral part of the fashion industry and is an important tool for communicating effectively with the industry around the world with the target audience. Creating a smooth running process for the supply of clothing for the various fashion traders, distributors and retailers; this will ensure that you reach the ultimate consumer. Bringing consumers' attention to brands in the minds of the buyers and profitable programs that lure fashion discounts into stores is entirely fashion marketing.

Fashion is an all-encompassing and integral part of it by adding and increasing the ratio of the individual's vanity. The whole fashion lends its charm and gives the society glory, greatness and color. Due to the spread of fashion, diverse and varied cultural groups are able to express themselves without fear of ridicule. Fashion trends and styles are changing and evolving every day, as is society and culture. All trendy and trendy people who can afford to keep up with the changes are a great opportunity. Fashion is cyclical and, like a full-fledged trend and style, is repeated year after year, though it is a fair share of changes and strokes.

Fashion's role is to enhance, decorate, and decorate an individual. Apart from the fact that he has performed the necessary garment role for the individual's physical form, he promotes the uniqueness of unique uniqueness. Fashion has no language or barrier but it actually promotes the integration of people from different cultures, ethnicities and races by bringing their ideas, values ​​and views into the forefront. It also emphasizes the state of mind and the general awareness of individuals and groups.

Media is constantly evolving in popularizing and distributing fashion. The latest trends, styles and designs – clothing, footwear, beauty, technology, jewelery and art – all get equal opportunities in print and electronic media for demanding audiences. Media and journalism are tools that capture the end user's attention and attract them towards buying products. In addition, through printed and electronic media, consumers and interested audiences get the latest information with their fingertips through advertising, public relations and practices, and journalism.

Fashion makers are always willing to acquire more and more relevant information for consumers and find new ways to implement their knowledge. Fashion marketing does a double job not only informs consumers about the latest information, but always uses the knowledge to create noises and buzz in order to promote and ultimately sell the product. Advertisements, advertisements, plugs, and tricks are made for fashion makers to ensure product visibility and sales.

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